Shirt - Light-blue pinpoint spearpoint tab
Shirt - Light-blue pinpoint spearpoint tab
Shirt - Light-blue pinpoint spearpoint tab
Shirt - Light-blue pinpoint spearpoint tab

Shirt - Light-blue pinpoint spearpoint tab

The wait is over - our popular tab collars are finally available on our online shop. Our Zee Jerman tab collar is Mr Mogg's absolute favourite: it holds the tie in place and always creates a bit of drama. Also, it goes with virtually all jacket styles; whether single- or double-breasted.

A light-blue shirt is the perfect Italian background to any suit.  Light blue shirt, navy tie - "done!".  Terribly elegant with any suit - in autumn and winter gladly in a pinpoint weave!

-Set-on shirt placket
-Mother of Pearl Buttons (white)
-Mogg's double cuffs
-Back two pleats/split yoke
-hem straight with 2 side vents


-100% light-blue pinpoint cotton from Thomas Mason.

-Mother of Pearl buttons

Table of measurements

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Collar Size 37cm / 14.5inch
Sleeve length Short (81cm / 32inch)
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This product is Made-To-Order. The delivery time is approx. 4-6 weeks.

You can get this product, and many more, from us exactly according to your specifications and dimensions. Simply book an appointment with us in Berlin, Cologne or at a trunk show.

Our Shirts

Our MTM shirts (much like our suits) are created in a strong house style. Allow us to explain the specifics of the cut.


The silhouette of our shirts is narrow without ever seeking to be tight. Always starting with the customer’s individual measurements, we sculpt a silhouette with a slender waist and a powerful chest, while the skirt tends to be quite long and wide, to further accentuate the waist and to guarantee the shirt won’t ride up out of the trousers.


The shirt is cut close through the back without darts, while optimal width distribution prohibits the shirt from being too tight in the front. And, through it all, the key maxim remains that freedom of movement should never be restricted.


Our shirts lie flat on the chest with none of the tell-tale signs of tightness (e.g. tension on the buttons, pulling of the shirt fabric, etc.). To achieve this look and promote freedom of movement, we generally rotate the armhole forward.


Short shirts are not our cup of tea. We cut our shirts longer than the wearer’s seat and, generally, they feature a straight hem. In combination with our high armholes and our recommendation for high-rise trousers, the shirt will never ride up out of the trousers.


As stated above, the armholes are cut very high. This allows the maximum freedom of movement and allows the shirt to stay in the correct position no matter what the wearer’s stance is. High armholes also have the pleasing side-effect of elongating the wearer’s silhouette.


Our cuffs are cut to be slim and slightly longer than one might be used to, while our sleeves are also relatively long. The slightly longer sleeve guarantees that the wearer can bend his arm without the sleeve disappearing under their jacket sleeve while the slimmer cuff ensures that our shirt sleeves do not ride up over the wearer’s hand at any point.


While we admit to having a preference for high collars with lots of personality, collar selection is the area of the shirt where we most recommend that our customers follow their own gut feeling. One’s collar should not only suit one’s face shape and body type, but also goes a long way to expressing the wearer’s personality. No matter the collar choice, what we can guarantee to every customer is that our range of choices is extensive and that we will always endeavour to find the right solution for you.