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the Maximilian Mogg Club

The MAXIMILIAN MOGG Club offers our customers lots of fun and exclusive benefits.

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The most important question:

What is the Maximilian Mogg Club?

The MAXIMILIAN MOGG Club is a club for our valued customers. We offer our members special benefits, such as the opportunity to order all clothing items in our online store to their measurements without having to pay a surcharge compared to standard sizes.

Who can join the club?

You will receive an invitation to the MAXIMILIAN MOGG Club when you order a tailor-made suit from us. At this point we have all your measurements, which is essential for the above-mentioned benefit of the club.

The advantages briefly summarized

What does the club enable me to do?

The important things first


Club members who log in to this website will see a "My Size" option for all tailoring items. This allows them to order all tailoring items to their exact size instead of having to wait for a trunk show or make an appointment. This is particularly beneficial for all those members who do not live near Berlin or Cologne and at the same time do not want to miss out on our clothing. Club members also do not pay any extra compared to the prices of standard sizes.

Tailor-made products at regular size prices

Members can order the entire collection on this website to their measurements, at no extra charge over the standard size price.

delivery within 8 weeks

The garment goes straight into production. Perfect for those who don't want or can't wait for a trunk show to receive their new, perfectly fitting garment.

classic designs by Maximilian Mogg

The designs on the website are exactly the ones our head designer likes best. The details are finely tuned to precisely match the level of formality and proportions.


Even more benefits for club members

Exclusive member events

We hold regular events - exclusively for our club members. We cannot and are not allowed to say more about it.

Discount on other products

Exclusive club products

Club members can purchase exclusive products designed and manufactured exclusively for the club, such as special caps, scarves and other small items. In addition, limited products are offered to our club members first before they go on public sale.

Discount on other products

5% discount on all non-tailoring products in the online store

Members receive a 5% discount on all products that do not fall under the "My Size" category. To do this, you must enter the code provided on the members' page during checkout.

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