Halstuch - Seide

"The zebraffe twins Kiki and Kuku stand in Lush’s apartment behind his out- of-tune piano, while the impoverished, formerly law-abiding guardian of all animals plays Heart and Soul with Olivier the ocelot, who has chosen to close his bookshop early today.

A cosy, almost familiar atmosphere. Kiki and Kuku are tapping their hoofed toes to the beat. They have just finished the scones and Fortnum & Mason tea which Olivier picked up on his way home from work. Everything seems perfect."

In chapter two of the second season of Mr Lush, author Maximilian Mogg used Hoagy Carmichael's piano duet "Heart & Soul" to symbolise the harmony of a - at first glance - rather "wild" family.  The celebrated comic artist Mr. Everett Glenn (New Yorker, Princeton) then developed this unique motif from the prose.  Available in multiple colours.

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