Mr Lush eBooks

Part 1 – Thomas Lush, esq. : The Pursuit of Happiness

Mr Lush comes from old money. In fact, the money is so old that it’s not worth anything anymore. Always perfectly dressed for any occasion in suits that are older than him and accompanied by shoes which are older still than the suits, he wanders the streets of a London directed by Sergei Eisenstein and contemplates on a meaningless and directionless life. It is only when he meets a talking ocelot that his life begins to take shape.

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Part 2 – Thomas Lush, esq. : The Quest for Freedom

Mr Lush has just begun to experience a brand new emotion; namely, hope. However, he is soon forced to participate in an uncharacteristically daring rescue mission to save his animal friends. He is joined this time by two talking baby Zebraffe twins named Kiki and Kuku. Despite the fact that they may well be the only Zebraffes in existence, there is still a good chance that they are not among the most intelligent examples of their species.

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