Evening trousers - Black wool-mohair blend

Together with Mr Sebastian Tigges, we designed the summer Black Tie classic: The white dinner jacket ... and, as you can see, also the matching pair of trousers.

Evening trousers follow a pretty strict regiment. The style is more or less predetermined. A black gallon stripe must not be missing. The front pockets sit on the seam; for the rear pocket we decided for one with flap. As a little treat, we decided, together with Sebi, to use reverse pleats instead of the traditional forward facing pleats.

The cut is typical high but somewhat narrower than we normally do - as Sebi likes it.  When it comes to material: to make the trousers go perfectly well with the matt white linen of the dinner jacket, we opted for the mild lustre of a wool-mohair blend by Vitale Barberis Canonico.


- Side adjusters

- Zip fly

- 2 reverse pleats

- Front seam pockets

- 1 flap pockets on the back

- Hem unfinished

- Suspender buttons

- Lining in front and back

- Black grosgrain silk braid


- Wool-mohair blend made of 70% wool 30% mohair by Vitale Barberis Canonico 270g/m
- Imitation pearl buttons


- Please note that all suit trousers and chinos come unhemmed.

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Color Black
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Our Trousers

High-rise trousers are our trademark. Not only are they comfortable, but elongate your body immensely. Elegance even below the waistline!


In almost all cases, we recommend that the trousers have a high rise, about the height of the navel. There are many reasons for this. The two most important, however, are that this elongates the look of the legs and makes sure the wearer avoids showing any shirt under the closing button.


While we accept that this is a point of contention and we always respect our customers’ wishes, we recommend that the trousers be cut wider than most tailors. Not only does this make the trousers more comfortable and look more louche, but it also makes a man’s feet appear smaller and more elegant.


The trousers are cut close to the wearer’s seat until its widest point and fall from the seat to the shoe in a straight line.


Our trouser length is highly influenced by tradition. Hence, we do not adhere to the trend of overly short trousers. We appreciate the understatement and luxury of trousers which reach the middle of the heel of the shoe. We generally recommend finishing the hems in a diagonal line (also known as a military cuff) to give the perfect balance between correct trouser length and limited break on the shoe.