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The Young Elite: Sassa Ann van Wyk – Mad as a hatter


Maximilian Mogg

London. This is my second meeting with Sassa Ann van Wyk, milliner at the fantastic Philip Treacy. When I met Sassa in Berlin for the first time, I was immediately intrigued by her elegant reserve.  When we started talking about what we do for a living, I could barely contain my excitement. If she ever knew what a big fan I am of her extraordinary work!

Calmness in London.
Calm in London.

Sassa meets Philip Treacy

Sassa’s involvement in the fashion industry was no accident, but rather her destiny. Her mother was a knitwear designer who inspired Sassa to go to the same fashion school that she had gone to previously. At that time, Sassa’s aim was to create dresses just like the ones worn by her mother, whose fashion sense she had always aspired to. When she signed up for Modeschule Schloss Hetzendorf (a prestigious fashion school in the heart of Vienna), she took the first step on that path. Funnily enough, the path she embarked on later led her in a related but very different direction. She developed a deep love for hats which helped her to win the Feltmakers Design Award 2014 for Craftsmanship. With this award in her pocket, she applied for an internship at none other than world-renowned milliner Philip Treacy.

Philip Treacy workshop is a place of miracles and wonders.
Philip Treacy’s workshop is a place of miracles and wonder.

After the internship period had ended, Sassa stayed on as a junior milliner and she moved her whole household to London immediately.

It was, still is, and will always be my dream

Designing and making hats is just the greatest pleasure for me there is in this world. – Sassa Ann van Wyk

Seeing her creations for Philip was like walking through my favourite museum. Her skill with colours, shapes, and construction left me in awe. She told that she has a particular passion for wide brims and colour blocking in her own creations. Having an exceptional teacher like Philip puts her in the best possible position to experiment with these tendencies.

Hat from SS17 collection.

I am learning constantly from Philip and his perfectionism is a big inspiration for me in my everyday work. – Sassa Ann van Wyk

Meeting Sassa gave me various insights. Firstly, she is the first person I would go to when looking to have a hat made. Secondly, I am confident in saying that her incredible creativity, passion, and eye for quality will make her a role model to many – just like her mother was to her.

Additional information

First, the hat seen on the pictures of Sassa is her own creation. Second, Philip Treacy is one of the most influential milliners of the past 50 years, having dressed members of the Royal family and numerous celebrities.  His favourite ladies to work with are Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, and Emma Watson, to name but a few. MM/DC

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Philip Treacy
Sassa Ann van Wyk


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