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The Great Young Dressmen: Fabio Trombini


Maximilian Mogg

London. For my new series The Great Young Dressmen, I met a person whose Instagram account (as modern as it may sound) is an inspiration to me every day.  Mr Fabio Trombini posts of a life full of divine poetry, music, art, architecture, and, obviously, fine dress.  His life is even more intriguing to me as I know that this is no mere façade.

Mr. Fabio Trombini in his evening attire.
Mr Fabio Trombini in his evening attire.

Fabio Trombini – On Beauty

When Mr Trombini entered the Art Deco American Bar at Brasserie Zedel’s at Piccadilly Circus, heads immediately started to turn.  All the world may be a stage, but, on this night, the stage was his alone. With a gallant and playful stride he walked towards our table, filling the room with immense energy as he went.  He reminded me of none other than Brideshead Revisited’s Sebastian Flyte.  The only thing missing was Aloysius, Flyte’s beloved teddy bear.  I suspect, he might only have been left at home.  He probably doesn’t have the stomach for heavy drinking anyway, I thought.  A lively discussion on topics ranging from The Bright Young Things and Huysman to Fragonard’s Swing arose.  Thankfully, I decided against taking notes; my fingers likely wouldn’t have been able to cope.  Instead, I patted myself on the back.  I had found the perfect candidate for my new series.

Even the melody of speech reveals that this is no masquerade.  The words came out of his mouth naturally – one could say straight from the heart.  He perceives beauty in a way only few people can.

When on Savile Row.
When on Savile Row.

An inspiration to us all?

Describing Trombini’s style is difficult as it is best perceived as a part of a greater picture.  It feels a bit like just focusing on the blue dust emanating from the train in Claude Monet’s La gare Saint-Lazare.  What can be noted is a penchant for high collars, eccentrically strong shoulder padding, big lapels, and a slim, long silhouette. The inspiration is decidedly Art Déco.  However, that description is certainly incomplete.  His jewellery is chosen with as much care as are his round, slightly chiselled shoes and the subtle, yet colourful, socks which he wore that evening to complement a dinner suit of his own creation.  Noteworthy are also a strong leaning towards the dramatic and slight breaks.  He smokes his cigarettes filter-less through a cigarette holder, wears a white marcella waistcoat and wing collar (to nonchalantly show parallels to white tie), and leaves it to his wavy hair to do the rest.  Overall, the former student of Fine Arts looks like what a portraitist like Cecil Beaton would have longed for.

When asked what he would recommend to someone who aspires to dress like him, he replied:

Just be yourself.  Act upon your feel for clothes.  It is easier said than done, but when you start leaving you head out of these decisions, you will be amazed at how your personality starts to sparkle through your clothing!

How to capture a style like his in a picture?
How to capture a style like his in a picture?

Additional Information

Firstly, if you are interested in meeting Mr Fabio Trombini, I recommend being on sentry duty at the Wallace Collection or any church or bar that is worth visiting or simply keeping your ears open for the distinctive sound of his walk.  Secondly, every jacket on the pictures presented is tailored by Trombini himself.  Thirdly, alas, technology still does not afford us the opportunity to see the beauty of the world through Mr Fabio Trombini’s eyes.  However, his Instagram account is a good starting point to imagine what such an experience might be like. MM/DC

Mr. Fabio Trombini Instagram
Mr Fabio Trombini


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