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24. July 2021

White Trousers


Yves Yannick Stork

Is there any item of clothing as impractical as white trousers? Probably not. Nevertheless, here is why everyone should own one.

White trousers exude Mediterranean chic and lavishness. Some say their extravagance relies on ephemerality – i.e., they will not stay white for long. Anyone who has ever worn one knows what I am talking about. It seems as though all white trousers are involved in a pact to attract stains, spilt coffee and dirty seats. Hence, you may feel the urge of bringing along at least three of them. I agree: White trousers are a risky option when visiting the gelato parlour, but there is no need to bring another suitcase just to fit enough of them to make it through the day.

Instead of worrying about the dry cleaner’s bill, let’s focus on why I believe that white trousers should be an integral part of your wardrobe. I’m a fan of covering extreme situations: extremely cold and extremely warm. Hence, a pair of flannel trousers for winter and a pair of casual trousers like jeans or chinos for the rest of the year should do the trick. All that is missing is an option for the really hot days. White trousers will only see the light of day when the temperatures crack 30°C (86°F), but during that limited period of time, they are indispensable to me.

Mr Lianyi Zhang wears creme-white gabardine trousers by MAX MOGG – BERLIN.

I’m talking about those days when you would like to leave the house without a jacket – if possible. Once the jacket comes off, it’s nice to wear some eye-catching trousers and what’s more summery than linen or gabardine trousers in white or ivory? Just imagine dancing in the evening sun to Franky Valli’s The Night in shiny white trousers, a black jersey shirt and black horsebit loafers…

However, it’s only on the beach that they unfold their full radiance: turned-up and with espadrilles – aka the Dicki Greenleafe memorial look. And if you want to go a little more dressy, combine them with a navy blazer and the Italian background – a blue shirt and a blue tie, preferably with structure.

Finally, the most important thing: white trousers don’t have to stay spotless. A few signs of wear are inevitable and simply complete the look – at least as long as you can’t read the entire menu off of them. Give them a chance – the next holiday or the next heatwave are bound to come. YS/TG