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25. May 2018

Yellow – The colour I never knew I needed


Maximilian Mogg

While grey and blue suits are your staples and should remain so, it is worth considering adding some further colours to your repertoire. I am well aware that menswear magazines have been telling you to be bold in your colour choices for years. However, have you ever actually acted on this advice, beyond the occasional colourful tie or pocket square? Don’t get me wrong; a colourful accessory is easy to add and can be a very effective tool. I myself am an advocate of this rule. Nonetheless, here I am telling you what you’ve heard many times before – be bold! Admittedly, there are only a select few who have truly mastered this fine art. Off the top of my head, I would name Mick Jagger and, possibly more controversially, Harry Styles (not to mention my good friend Fabio Trombini) as examples of people who have proven themselves to be the cream of the colourful crop. BUT, I hear you cry, Styles’ suits are made by Edward Sexton and Jagger was a client of the legendary Tommy Nutter; I can’t compete with that. To which I respond: Why not?

Questions, questions, questions: Mogg-Balthus-Style.


I recently listened to my own advice and took a step out of my comfort zone. I made myself a pair of high-rise, wide-legged, lemon-yellow trousers from a Standeven mohair. They have been nothing short of a revelation. However, the biggest surprise to me has been the colour. I decided to keep the styling of the trousers quite classical (one back pocket, two forward pleats, high turn-ups, slanted pockets, side adjusters and an unassuming waistband). This was the key to getting everything out of the bold colour without going overboard.

A strong message… be bold!


The trousers were designed with one goal in mind: to spread joy and generate energy. In this regard at least, they have been a roaring success. Interestingly, due to the associations of the colour yellow with light, alertness, creativity, and wit, it has often been a colour of the Gods. In ancient Greece, it was believed that the sun god Helios wore a yellow robe in his chariot while riding through the skies. (I have certainly felt divine of late.) Through its associations with the sun and light, yellow has almost often symbolised divine intelligence – so far, my trousers have not made me more intelligent, but I will get back to you. In some Chinese belief systems, yellow is associated with the active creative principle (often known as ‘yang’). In others, with harmony and wisdom. As you can see, it can’t hurt to try to work some yellow into your wardrobe!

So goodbye yellow brick road
Where the dogs of society howl – Wide Trousers cut from yellow Mohair by Standeven.

If you take only one thing away from this article, let it be this: be bold with your colours, especially in summer and in your leisure time. Take a risk on some trousers, a shirt, even a jacket.

Further information

The featured trousers cut in a Standeven mohair will cost you about €450. Feeling bold? Then book an appointment. MM/DC

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