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Maximilian Mogg


My name is Maximilian Mogg and my passion is timeless menswear. I strive for a unique personal style that is constantly evolving while remaining independent of fashion trends. The rule of thumb for any fashionable investment is this: My children should wear it, my grandchildren should be inspired by it. It takes a good deal of self-awareness to trust in one’s own strengths and weaknesses in order to accentuate them with a timeless cut, long-lasting quality, and colours that suit your personal taste.

Vimal Luke Panalickal


My name is Vimal Luke Panalickal. I make clothing, not fashion. Everything follows fit. Fit is king. I believe in building up a timeless wardrobe of quality pieces that are unique and will stand the test of time. In my mind, it’s only when a person doesn’t have to worry about their clothing that they can focus on the questions that really matter.

Daniel Paul Finbar Carey


My name is Daniel Paul Finbar Carey and I serve as Maximilian Mogg’s English translator. The terrible jokes found in the English versions are my main contribution. My primary field of expertise is handmade neckties, with a personal preference for wool and shantung silk. I don’t wear many printed silk ties (unless, of course, they feature turtles). With regards to the way I dress, I consider my style somewhat idiosyncratic. I love bold checks and plaids and as much texture as possible. I’m a sucker for mixing patterns (and the results certainly are mixed). I believe in wearing whatever makes you feel most confident and most like yourself.

Everett Glenn


My name is Everett Glenn and my two great passions are visual arts and menswear. For me, a section of fabric and a complimentary strand of thread are as akin to one another as an inked line and fine paper. They are both undeniably effective modes of expressing one’s self through the psychic vocabulary of optic perception. My style is odd ball. Odd ball, but on the level … whatever that means.

George Packe-Drury-Lowe


My name is George Packe-Drury-Lowe. An outsider from the fashion world, I am a spectator of the London scene occasionally contributing some commentary. I appreciate good clothing that has been made to a high standard and is intended to last.

Jörg-Hendrik E. Sohst.


My Name is Jörg-Hendrik E. Sohst. I have a passion for quality with no compromise, not only with regards to timeless menswear. Content needs form. Occasionally, words need to be cut. Showtime for an editor.

Konstantin Rau


My name is Konstantin Rau and I am a visual designer. My style is minimalistic and my passion is to bring out the full visual potential of unique companies, brands, and artists. I speak my mind and I’m a solution-oriented perfectionist. I strive to be a trustworthy advisor.

Florian Gründig


My name is Florian Gründig and I am a photographer. Having been born in a small town and having had a camera in my hand ever since, I’m always on the hunt for memories. So far, luck has always been on my side.

Florian Martin Jacob Blau


My name is Florian Martin Jacob Blau. In addition to classic menswear, I am mainly interested in classic film and literature. While I would describe my style as being rather conservative, that doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t leave the house without a tie.

Noah Werner Winslow


My name is Noah Werner Winslow. My joy in clothing is drawing out the historical elements of what I wear and bringing them into a contemporary context. Though I am a sucker for any garment labelled “vintage”, for me the key to a good look is all about proportions and silhouette. But whatever I decide to put on, I believe in being sincere about it.

Yves Yannick Stork


My name is Yves Yannick Stork. I am enthusiastic about classic menswear and English literature. Timeless clothes constitute my style: Along with suits, I am inspired by the Japanese and Antwerpian avant-garde. Implicit contradictions do not only inform my sense of style.

Tobin Gattinger


My name is Tobin Gattinger. I am particularly interested in the classics of men’s tailoring, but also in pieces that have disappeared into oblivion today. I find it particularly exciting to see them in their historical context and perhaps to copy a few details from them now and then. I also have a weakness for the humor of the twenties and the understatement that the British like to be accused of. That might sound a bit quirky now – and probably it is.

Eva Schnarrenberger


My name is Eva Schnarrenberger … and I love a shoulder pad.

Paul Philipp Schlossarek


My name is Paul Philipp Schlossarek and what drives me is aesthetics & emotions – especially the field of callistics, combined with various perceptual justifications of ‘beauty’. My passion is art, fashion & music, as well as observing people (in a – I hope – as little obscure way as possible). I see myself as a paradoxical combination of creativity & structure: old / new, masculine / feminine, conservative / fashionable, reserved / cheeky – in character & style.



My name is JOLO. My goal is to emphasise the importance of a practical, high-quality, custom wardrobe – whether I‘m writing articles or interacting with customers in the store. I enjoy wearing bold colours and I must confess to a weakness for French ties. People wearing unfashionable, strange, or provocatively disparate combinations piques my interest. In that context, I only have one golden rule: It doesn’t matter what you wear, but how you wear it.

Riki Brockman


My name is Riki Brockman. I’m a bespoke cutter and tailor from England. After learning my craft on London’s illustrious Savile Row, and winning the Golden Shears in 2017, I’ve moved back to the seaside, to enjoy some fresh air and set up my own workshop.

In tailoring, I like big ropes, wide lapels and trousers cut right up on the waist. However, you’ll more than likely catch me at the weekend in a pair of Birkenstock’s on Kent’s East coast – trading my shears for a fork, and enjoying a nice big portion of fish and chips.

Nathanael Schedler


My name is Nathanael Schedler and, besides being a singer-songwriter, I spend my time with photography and classic menswear. I combine these two things to make our suits look as bold in my photos as they really are. I also assist with finances, serving the Swiss cliché of the banker.