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3. September 2019

The suits of the month: September


Tobin Gattinger

According to your local stores, Christmas is just around the corner. While that might not actually be true, it is high time to prepare your wardrobe for the upcoming festive season. With the right clothing, you needn’t freeze to death while standing around drinking mulled wine and even the crowds can’t bug you if you’re wearing an almost bulletproof jacket.

Charcoal Traveller Flannel by Dugdale Bros & Co

Traveller Flannel by Dugdale Bros & Co 300g/m

Our first recommendation is from a new bunch for us this season; namely, the charcoal Traveller Flannel from Dugdale Bros & Co. It combines the elegance and comfort of a flannel fabric with the robustness and crease-resistance of a high-twist wool. You can wear it to the office in the morning, to a party in the evening, and then exit upstage right without a single wrinkle. In terms of styling, we would tend towards a 6×2 double-breasted suit with our signature wide lapels, two high vents, two simple flap pockets, and perhaps even gauntlets as a little gift to yourself. The trousers should have a flat front, high rise, side-adjusters, and be cut slightly narrower through the leg. A light-blue POW check shirt with a pink overcheck, and a dark blue knitted tie will round out this ensemble perfectly. In terms of footwear, your best choice is always a black cap-toe oxford.

The suit describe above will cost around €1890. The shirt will cost around €219.

White Barathea by Bateman Ogden

White Barathea by Bateman Ogden 335g/m

If you want to be spontaneous during the festive season and move your celebration to your garden at a moment’s notice, we have the perfect choice for you. A cream-coloured dinner jacket with peak lapels and a low button stance in a barathea from Bateman Ogden (335g/m). The fabric has a good weight, but isn’t untowardly dense, so you don’t run the risk of breaking out in a sweat, even after a heavy meal and a cup or two of egg nog. We’d recommend one lapel buttonhole and, to avoid looking like a 70s porn star, we’d forego silk facings and silk-covered buttons. Pair the jacket with your dinner suit trousers with braid on the outside of the trouser leg, two forward facing pleats, jetted pockets, and a fishtailback.

The shirt could be a plain white one with a cotton piqué chest or with a pleated front. In any case, we’d recommend our satin silk single-end bow tie. Finish it all off with a bit of luxury, with some silk over-the-calf socks, and opera pumps. Alternatively, if you’re hosting, slip into some velvet slippers and enjoy!

The dinner jacket described above will cost about €1350,00. The shirt would be around €309,00.

Red-Brown Tweed by Fox Brothers

Tweed by Fox Brothers 480g/m

If you, like me, want to avoid your family this Christmas, we have the perfect tweed jacket to blend into the bushes behind your house. The fabric is from Fox Brothers and is heavy enough to keep you warm, even if you can’t avoid your mother-in-law. We’d recommend a three-button jacket with notch lapel, a single vent, two flap pockets, and a ticket pocket. In terms of cut, it would be a bit looser than you might expect from us, but still retain some shape. Your best trousers option is old faithful, a pair of mid-grey flannels with two reverse pleats, one back flap pocket, two jetted pockets, a fob pocket, turn-ups, and maybe even belt loops. Your flannels will, of course, be cut high in the waist and wide through the leg.

The jacket described above will cost around €1490,00. TG/DPFC/MM