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The Suits of the Month September


Yves Yannick Stork

The summer has finally arrived but, as most of you know, a tailor’s clock ticks a little differently. It is usually three months ahead of the rest since that’s the time it takes to make beautiful, individual clothes. However, the clocks are just one source of pain: We can already sense the complaints of those not knowing what to wear in the transitional period – i.e., early autumn. But fear not, we are more than excited about flannel season. Here come our suits of the month September!

Medium Grey Glen with Windowpane Check Flannel by Standeven (370g)

Checkmate mate.

In keeping with the most beautiful time of the year, we have chosen a particularly beautiful cloth from Standeven’s Oxbridge bunch. The large glencheck with its tonal windowpane overcheck looks like it came straight from our beloved 1970s. We believe our most famous style, the Maximilian, with its 6×2 configuration, goes very well with this. The overcheck emphasises the wide, curved lapels and thus create an athletic look. The two high slits and the low closure further highlight the slim waist and, together with the long and slightly flared skirt, create our hourglass silhouette. We would add a billet pocket to create an even more dynamic impression.

Medium grey flannel

Prices for a two-piece suit:

If you would like to find out more about the three lines, it’s worth taking a look at this video.

Camel Windowpane Flannel by Fox Brothers (340g)

No pain with windowpane.

Because we don’t want to leave summer behind just yet, we also opted for a copy of one of our summer jackets. The light camel shade is not exactly what springs to mind when thinking about autumn cloths. That’s precisely why the jacket will look all the more elegant when we throw it on the first rainy day. Because of its generous cut, it drapes beautifully over the shoulders and back. The large, but simple, check further emphasises the proportions of the wearer and a long back slit adds the necessary coolness. Especially with three slanted flap pockets, the result is a classic but elegant look. This is also ensured by the dark blue jeans that we recommend in combination. The colour contrast highlights the the jacket’s luxurious brightness.

Camel flannel

Prices for the most luxurious between-seasons jacket:
The jeans are €490

Black Barathea by Dugdale Bros & Co. (480 g)

Do you remember? Dancin’ in September…
never was a cloudy day.

Alongside the flannel season, autumn also marks the start of the season for elegant evening events – at least for those who need a season for it. We suggest a dinner jacket in a 4×1 configuration, as an alternative to the classic 6×2, for this period. It’s like the cheeky little brother to our Paul model. Obviously, it features no slits, but very wide lapels covered in rep silk. This double-breasted jacket has a deep closing button and, compared to most of our double-breasted jackets, is cut a tad shorter. This gives it a sly charm that is not uncommon in little brothers. The low closure also ensures that the party guests will not overlook your elegant eggshell-coloured shirt.

Black barathea

Prices for this autumn’s most charming little brother:

Even though the summer has just begun, it will eventually draw to an end. September will suddenly turn up on your calendar and if we have learned one thing over the past 18 months, it is to hope for the best and prepare for the worst. YS/JoLo/MM