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28. September 2018

The Suits of the Month: October


Maximilian Mogg

October is upon us and you’re likely already feeling a bit under the weather just at the thought of the cold weather to come. Here again for your perusal are the suits of the month. This month’s motto: Dress warm.

Double-breasted charcoal Fox Brothers flannel suit

Flannel by Fox Brothers.

What more need be said? This is the classic winter suit and, in my opinion, the most beautiful suit in any man’s wardrobe. Charcoal is unbeatably elegant both day and night, especially in flannel. During the day, we’d recommend a light blue shirt and a regimental tie, while an eggshell-coloured shirt and a navy tie will do the trick in the evening. Our cloth of choice is from Fox Brothers and has a great weight at 330g/m. As this suit will always look its best with black oxfords, we’d recommend either black or dark grey buttons. Anyone who has been following our work here at Maximilian Mogg will not be surprised to hear that we would recommend a 6X2 double-breasted jacket. To increase the overall elegance, going ventless is a viable option, while the flap pockets should be straight. The trousers (high and wide, of course) are no-frills: seam pockets, military cuff, no pleats, and no back pockets. Just make sure you have achieved a mirror-shine on those oxfords and you’re ready to go.

A double-breasted suit in a Fox flannel will cost around €1570. A light blue or eggshell-coloured poplin shirt will cost around €200. For anyone looking to expand their tie collection, we have a special treat lined up for you. Gentlemenclover and Robert Kerr will be visiting us in our store from on 28thand 29thSeptember. Feel free to come by and have a look. Moreover, if you still haven’t found your perfect oxfords, whether you need MTM, MTO, full-bespoke or maybe even, if you’re lucky, RTW, we’d recommend Leonard Kahlcke. A small selection of his RTW collection is available at our store in Charlottenburg. Prices start at €790.

Double-breasted Holland & Sherry Prince-of-Wales check suit

POW by Holland & Sherry.

Still a classic, but slightly more fun. This cloth from Holland & Sherry is even heavier at 420g/m, features a dark Prince-of-Wales check (with a pink overcheck), and comes from their City of London bunch. The subtle pattern makes this suit more casual than the flannel above. As such, we would recommend less formal styling, although the differences with double-breasted suits are only minor. We would recommend two vents and three flap pockets. If you want a little special detail, we would recommend adding gauntlets. The trousers should feature two pleats, two slanted pockets, one back pocket with a flap, and high turn-ups. Round out the look with a dark grey two-ply Cariaggi cashmere roll neck. With regards to footwear, we could imagine dark brown penny loafers or even suede chukka boots.

A suit double-breasted suit from Holland & Sherry’s City of London bunch will cost around €1370. The cashmere roll neck described above will cost around €490. For shoes, we would recommend Leonard Kahlcke again.

Double-breasted Harrisons of Edinburgh camelhair polo coat, grey Vitale Barberis Canonico flannel trousers, green Cariaggi cashmere heavy roll neck

Camelhair by Harrison of Edinburgh.
Flannel by Vitale Barberis Canonico.
Cashmere by Cariaggi.

Our camelhair of choice comes from Harrisons of Edinburgh and weighs 620g/m. In terms of styling, we’re going to be looking towards an all-American classic – the polo coat. We’re talking about a calf-length double-breasted polo coat with wide lapels, featuring classic patch pockets with flaps, and a back belt. For a casual outfit, pair this coat with some wide-legged, high-rise, mid-grey Vitale Barberis Canonico flannel (340g/m) trousers with two pleats, slanted pockets, one back pocket, and high turn-ups. To help you look good while combatting the cold, we would recommend a turtleneck in four-ply Cariaggi cashmere. The colder weather can get anyone down. However, it shouldn’t stop you from enjoying a splash of colour. As such, we recommend a pastel green for your knitwear. It’s an eye-catcher without being too loud, as the colour works with almost anything. For footwear, we’re going back to our dark brown suede chukka boots.

Your Harrisons of Edinburgh camelhair polo coat will cost around €2480. The trousers will cost around €300. Finally, the four-ply cashmere roll neck will cost around €590. MM/DC