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23. May 2018

The Suits of the Month: May


Maximilian Mogg

In the series “The Suits of the Month”, which will be published monthly, we present suits to our readers, which we consider a great choice for the upcoming month. Along with each suit goes a concrete fabric suggestion, which fits in terms of formality, practicality as well as aesthetics.

The double-breasted navy blazer

The double-breasted Navy Blazer is a fantastic wardrobe staple. Too often, however, you see it wrongly stylized. The Navy Blazer shall be double-breasted and not single-breasted. The second variant is a club jacket and not to be confused with the variant of the military. The classic material is heavy navy hopsack. The open weave of the material makes it breathable and therefore wearable also in the warmer months such as May – I always recommend to customers who tend to sweat easily to ask their tailor for a back without lining. The jacket is closed with silver or golden buttons – please without crest, unless you are part of the Navy. In our opinion, a light blue shirt made of Egyptian cotton in a Fil à Fil weave fits perfectly. In terms of trousers, the possibilities are endless: A popular classic would be grey flannel trousers – for the month of May, however, too warm. We can imagine straight-cut jeans in a mid-blue wash as well as bright, high-cut cotton trousers  – why not dare colour? – to be a fabulous choice. When it comes to footwear, Penny Loafers or Horsebit Loafers in brown smooth or suede leather show good taste. For the tie, we would suggest dark blue grenadine or a regimental tie – but please a fantasy colour combination in case you are not part of a regiment.

A navy blazer made to measure cut from the pictured hopsack by Standeven would be around €950. A shirt cut from the pictured Fil à Fil by Thomas Mason €200. The trousers vary depending on the fabric; we start at €270.

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The light grey mohair suit

Mohair blends are an excellent choice for the warm months like May. We think of colours like the eternally classic grey as it was admired on James Bond’s suit when having been pictured by Sir Sean Connery and Sir Roger Moore. Mohair is virtually crease resistant and breathes very well. The slight shine of it radiates pleasantly and a single-breasted suit with notch lapels is the favorite of most wearers anyway. Depending on the shade of grey, black oxfords are a good choice. Other gentlemen wear it skillfully with dark dark brown quarter or semi-brogues with closed lacing. A shirt made of white, lightweight Zephyr – Attention: Rule of Thumb! White shirts shall not be worn with brown shoes, except maybe linen! – combined with a light silk tie in a muted tone is the perfect choice.

A two-piece suit made of 60% kid mohair and 40% wool made to measure cut from the illustrated fabric by Standeven would be around €1400. A dress shirt from the pictured Zephyr at €219.

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The double-breasted dinner suit

Uhum, now Mogg starts again with his dinner suits ?! Correct! Every man should have one … hence I cannot stop stressing it. We love the double-breasted model made of heavy Barathea by Dugdale. The material is simply an unbeatable choice for the usage as a “party suit” since it is literally unbreakable. We like to decorate the lapels with grosgrain silk as well as the bride, piped pockets and buttons. Again, a suit without back lining is quite conceivable. For the summer we like to use white, transparent voile as a shirt fabric and add a square pleated front. As a bow tie, we offer bespoke bow ties in black silk or our exclusive big single-end bow ties made of black satin. For socks, we instinctively think of ribbed silk OTC socks and for shoes, of Opera Pumps. Black oxfords with silk laces are also possible.

A two-piece evening suit from the pictured Barathea of ​​Dugdale with English grosgrain silk facing would be around €1700. The shirt made of white voile by Thomas Mason with dinner shirt surcharge at €320. Our Bow Ties at €89. MM/NS

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