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19. March 2020

The suits of the month: March


Tobin Gattinger

Sooner or later, the clouds will vanish, and sunny skies will return. Moods might only be dampened by a quick glance at our calendars. Birthday party season is approaching! Endless afternoons spent in granny’s garden listening to the tiresome stories of your relatives for the 27th time. The only thing that keeps you from choking on the cake is the equally horrendous filter coffee – extra strong, or, as your uncle put it: “So that it tastes of anything at all!”

How on earth could anyone survive this?

Well, in order to help you navigate through these trying times, we have taken a close look at our fabric bunches…

Brown Glen check by Holland & Sherry (280g/m)

Brown Glen check by Holland & Sherry.

Holland & Sherry’s brown Glen check in a light, yet cozy, flannel (280g/m) is exactly what you need to get through the month of May. A single-breasted, three-button jacket with two slanted pockets and a ticket pocket is perfectly suitable for an afternoon in the garden. The other guests will be reminded of a certain country chic and the two high vents of the jacket will give you enough comfort to absolutely dominate your nephew in what he believes will be a friendly football match or rescue the cat from a tree. Turned-up trousers can be a slight nuisance as they collect more dust than your recently acquired robotic vacuum. However, they just look so damn good that we simply cannot resist recommending them! Apart from that, the trousers would feature two forward pleats, side adjusters, and a wide leg.

The suit to defend against the inanity of your relatives will cost around €1950.

Brown houndstooth jacket by Standeven (320g/m)

Brown houndstooth by Standeven (95% Wool, 5% Cashmere)

My sincere congratulations. You have successfully made it past the first cup of coffee. While your hosts have retreated to do the washing-up, your aunt is again scolding your uncle for his smoking habits, and crazy grandpa has finally fallen asleep over his newspapers. This is your time to shine. You are getting changed.

A stroll through the fields does, without a doubt, demand a different outfit. We recommend a sturdy pair of trousers with slanted pockets, turn-ups, two reversed pleats and belt loops cut from a grey cavalry twill by Dugdale Bros & Co. These trousers are a distinguished option for every outdoors activity and there is no question that they will get you through a rough day.

Combine them with a one-button sports coat cut in a lightweight, brown flannel with a houndstooth-check, notched lapel, with two slanted pockets and two high vents. Wear it with a lightweight, blue oxford-cloth shirt – perhaps even a neckerchief? – and chukka boots.

The outfit described above will cost €2140 (€1350 jacket; €600 trousers; €199 shirt). For the boots we would recommend our friend and fellow enthusiast of the great outdoors, Mr Leonard Kahlcke.

Dark grey birdseye by Dugdale Bros & Co. (430 g/m)

Grey birdseye by Dugdale.

You’ve almost made it through the day. You are on your way back home. The exhaustion is slowly setting in and you are craving a drink.

However, once you arrive at the bar, your “first and only” drink becomes your first of many very quickly. Reason enough to choose a suit you can still wear to the office on Monday.

A dark grey birdseye is an English classic which is why we would also opt for a classic look: A one-button jacket with a notched lapel, two vents, two flap pockets, and a ticket pocket (to store the change and all of the numbers you’re not going to get from the super models you’re hitting on).

Perhaps a waistcoat would come in handy if the evening is colder than expected (although it can only help with the cold outside and will not help with the existential cold you feel deep inside your soul). In our opinion, five buttons and a fairly short cut make for a great look. Just long enough to cover the waistband, even if you are moving around, without concealing too much of the trousers. Traditionally, we would recommend trousers with turn-ups and two forward pleats. For a second pair, you could consider a plainer option: no turn-ups or pleats. In order to achieve a slightly more dramatic look, we would recommend our new roped shoulder. It will lend you just the right amount of confidence when entering the office come Monday morning.

To embark on the evening, wear a cream shirt and a broadly-striped tie. The shirt (and underwear, for God’s sake) will be the only thing you need to change in the morning (multi-stripe would make for a nice change!) – and please do not forget to brush your teeth.

This three-piece saucy minx will cost €2050. Depending on your choice of fabric, our shirts start at €199. TG/YS/MM