30. May 2019

The Suits of the Month: June


Maximilian Mogg

While we are all excited for months of sweaty public transport, wasps ruining picnics, and half-cooked steaks, what we’re most excited for in summer is being able to begin planning our early-autumn wardrobes. Due to various holidays, we recommend ordering now to guarantee that your wardrobe will be stocked by September. Here, as always, is a short selection of our favourite fabrics and a few recommendations in terms of styling. Enjoy!

Double-breasted suit in a mid-grey Glen check from Fox Brothers

Mid-grey Glen check from Fox Brothers (430g/m)

Let us start with an evergreen classic, albeit one too often neglected in recent years: the mid-grey Glen check. In terms of patterns, few can compete with Fox Brothers, especially not at the very robust weight of 430g/m. The only caveat is that this flannel is so soft that people will feel compelled to touch your suit whenever you wear it. Regular readers will be absolutely shocked to hear that we’d recommend going for a 6X2 double-breasted. In this case, we’d suggest your opt for wide, bellied lapels with one Milanese lapel buttonhole on each side, three straight flap pockets, and matt, grey Corozo two-hole buttons from Bernstein & Banleys. Gauntlets, while not necessary, are always an option. The trousers would, as per usual, be cut wide through the leg and feature a high rise, two forward pleats, one back pocket with a flap and be equipped with side adjusters. To round out the look, we’d recommend high turn-ups.

The perfect shirt for this ensemble would be a light-blue pinpoint with a long tab collar, and French cuffs. We here at Maximilian Mogg are partial to a regimental tie in a shantung silk and that would do just the trick here.

Last but not least, we’d recommend talking to Mr Leonard Kahlcke about a pair of brown full strap penny loafers in a peccary leather.

The suit described above will cost €1850. The shirt described above will cost €199.

Combination of sports coat in green-blue Shetland Tweed from W. Bill and trousers in a grey Vitale Barberis Canonico wool flannel

Green-blue multi-check Shetland Tweed from W. Bill (390g/m)
Mid-grey flannel from Vitale Barberis Canonico (340g/m)

Next up is a heavy (390g/m) green-blue Shetland Tweed from W. Bill combined with a grey flannel (340g/m) from Vitale Barberis Canonico. The one-button jacket with notch lapels would feature three slanted pockets, two high vents, and three sleeve buttons instead of the classic four. The trousers would have two reverse pleats, slanted pockets, and one back pocket with a flap. Turn-ups are non-negotiable. This is one of the few cases in which we’d listen to arguments in favour of belt loops in lieu of side adjusters.

We would suggest pairing this combination with a light-blue pinpoint shirt with a classic semi-spread Kent collar and French cuffs. If you want to wear a tie, we’d recommend a dark-blue knit tie.

Once again, we’d recommend talking to Mr Kahlcke for all of your footwear needs. In this case, we could imagine a pair of dark brown tassel loafers.

The jacket described above will cost €1480. The trousers described above will cost €380. The shirt described above will cost €199.

Double-breasted suit in a mid-grey and charcoal chalk-stripe from Dormeuil

Mid-grey and charcoal chalk-stripe from Dormeuil (300g/m).

Our final recommendation is a firm favourite here at Maximilian Mogg. This mid-grey and charcoal chalk-stripe from Dormeuil is an absolute dream. The 6X2 double-breasted jacket would feature wide, bellied lapels with a Milanese buttonhole on each lapel, two long vents, jetted pockets, and four sleeve buttons. The trousers (perhaps a touch slimmer than usual, to account for the colder weather) would have a flat front, slanted pockets, one piped back pocket, and be finished with a military cuff.

What shirt could possibly complete this look better than a white poplin with our signature Zee Jerman collar and French cuffs? We’d recommend going bold with your tie; purple paisley anyway?

We happen to know a shoemaker here at Maximilian Mogg. Perhaps you’ve heard of him. His name is Leonard Kahlcke and he happens to make a beautiful single monk that would suit this outfit perfectly.

The suit described above will cost €2110. The shirt described above will cost €199. MM/DC

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