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12. September 2020

The Suit of the Week – Episode 18


Bob The wardrobe builder

We’ve chosen a really cool, quite unique fabric this time around for our Suit of the Week.

It’s a Charcoal and grey multi-check by Escorial (Toledo) in 100% Escorial Wool, weighing 295 grams per metre. The first thing to say is that this wool is absolutely gorgeous to the touch. It is cashmere-soft, but at the same time quite durable and robust. It holds its shape incredibly well and doesn’t crease. It’s really quite a special cloth. I have to admit I wasn’t as intimately familiar with it as I am with other suit fabrics, but it is truly unique.

Equally unique is the way this particular Escorial is woven. It is accurately described as a multi-check, but it is not like any other cloth of that variety. The checks are subtle and really engrained in the weave, it has the characteristics of flannel, but is more complex. It has a lovely shine to it, whilst remaining quite subtle.

This suit will look superb with our latest Shirt of the Week, the purple and white multi-stripe. Grey and purple are a personal favourite, and this specific combination will be a knockout.

I’m thinking 3 button single-breasted for mine, but I could also see it in signature Mogg double-breasted. Whichever style you choose, you can’t go wrong with this gorgeous cloth. BTWB/MM/YYS

If you are interested in ordering this dashing suit, do not hesitate to click the button below to get in touch with us. Please make sure to mention the fabric reference (Charcoal & Grey Multicheck Escorial Flannel by Escorial (Toledo) 100% Escorial Wool 295g/m (14022)) in the mail. Prices start at 2500,00€ for a single-breasted suit cut from this wonderful fabric.