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1. August 2020

The Suit of the Week – Episode 12 – Max’s choice


Bob The wardrobe builder

As far as colour combinations go, one of our favourites at Mogg Towers is blue and yellow. And, with Tuesday’s Shirt of the Week being a bold yellow gingham, Max has chosen a navy blue pinstripe suit from Harrison’s Fine Classics line, in a 370g/m weight, to accompany it. 

You can tell this is Max’s choice, and what a choose it is! It offers a lesson in, and a bold example of, aggressive pattern mixing.  I tend to not mix stripes and checks, whereas Max embraces it with enthusiasm. And, again, the mix of colours is so on point, with yellow and blue being a truly classic combination. 

The thing I love about pinstripe suits is that they can work in any configuration you prefer. They look elegant in the classic Mogg 6-button double-breasted style. Additionally, though, I have owned a blue pinstripe in a single-breasted 3-button style, with the classic notched lapels, for over 20 years. I love this suit, and it looks as on point as any double-breasted variant. 

So, choose your preferred style, pair it with our Shirt of the Week, and prepare to receive a lot of compliments! 

If you are interested in ordering this dashing suit, do not hesitate to click the button below to get in touch with us. Please make sure to mention the fabric reference (Charcoal & Grey Multicheck Escorial Flannel by Escorial (Toledo) 100% Escorial Wool 295g/m (14022)) in the mail. Prices start at 2500,00€ for a single-breasted suit cut from this wonderful fabric.