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14. February 2020

The smexiest men alive: Mr Leonard Kahlcke


Maximilian Mogg

1. How did you start with menswear? What was your first contact with classic menswear? 
I was introduced to it through my friend Sam Hecham who has a refined classical appearance that is never adapted to a boring code.The very first though was when I bought a Prada suit for the wedding of my unrequited teenage love. I looked smashing in it. Years later I met Sam who was working at The Old Hat in Fullham Ldn. he handed me my first vintage pieces. 

2. How do you normally put your outfit together? 
Instinctively the minute I am about to leave the house 

3. Tips for starters? 
Vintage clothing is fundamental. No exceptions! 

4. How would you describe your style? 
I don’t ever jump out of character will never change my style or my profile the way I put my self down. 

5. Where do you look for inspiration? 
In the streets. 

6. Who are your role models when it comes to style? 
It’s always a passer by. 

7. Which are your favourite brands at the moment and why? 
It’s all those brands working under the ethic of size ain’t shit, It’s all about fit! 

8. Do you have a favorite garment and is there a piece of clothing that you would never wear? 
Calf length socks are my favourite ever since I had my first pair of basketball tubesocks. And I would never wear clothing that represents anything other than that what I like to express. 

5 quick questions

1. Your favourite Bond movie? 
I can’t recall, maybe Dr. No or the one with Grace Jones… 

2. Your favourite shirt colour? 
Always the one that compliments my skin and attire. 

3. Your favourite shoe model? 
Double Monks … please give me a break. 

4. Break or no break? 
I said please give me a break! 

5. DB or SB? 
Short for two things in Germany that I don’t like too much. Deutsche Bahn oder Selbstbediehnung?  … beides Scheisse!