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27. February 2020

The smexiest men alive: Cyrill


Maximilian Mogg

1. How did you start with menswear? What was your first contact with classic menswear?

I have worn suits every day for work since I left school. But my first contact with real classic menswear was when I got my first pocket square for an event 7 years ago. Since then, I have dug deeper and deeper into the history and evolution of menswear mainly through forums and blogs.

2. How do you normally put your outfit together?

My wardrobe is set up so I immediately know what pieces work together, so I start with a first piece and wear the things I know work with it.

3. Tips for starters?

Take your time! If you do not need a suit / jacket for business, buy one pair of trousers and one jacket, wear it a couple of time, and try to find more information on the internet or in books. Your taste will change over time and you will not like clothes you loved a few weeks earlier.

4. How would you describe your style?

Timeless with a dash of modernity.

5. Where do you look for inspiration? Who are your role models when it comes to style?

Mainly on instagram. Shoutout to voxsartoria, Andreas Weinås, AleksJJ, thenordicfit, gazman70k, amongst others.

6. Which are your favourite brands at the moment and why?

Max Mogg of course 😉 I really like the shape of his jackets and trousers. That look gives me a very straight and traditionally masculine appearance which I really appreciate in business.
Vass. They are just stunning when it comes to possibilities in MTO shoes. They make up about 80% of my shoe collection.
Shibumi – I have never found ties that tie better.
Private White V.C. – Their outerwear – formal and casual – are incredible well-designed and manufactured.

7. Do you have a favourite garment and is there a piece of clothing that you would never wear?

I cannot imagine how I would have survived the last few winters without my Drake’s lambswool shawl collar cardigan. I would never wear shorts unless I am going to the gym or the beach.

5 quick questions

1. Your favourite Bond movie?

2. Your favourite shirt colour?

3. Your favourite shoe model?
Cap-toe oxford

4. Break or no break?
No break

5. DB or SB?