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30. June 2020

The Shirt of the Week – Episode 8 – Bob’s choice


Bob The wardrobe builder

Back to me for Shirt of the Week, and I’ve made another bold choice. This time around, I’ve opted for a lilac, white and blue multistripe from Thomas Mason’s Buckingham line. It’s quite an eye-catcher, and a real favourite of mine.  

The lilac stripes are wide, but the white stripes are twice as wide, and are bisected by a lovely, thin royal blue stripe. The colours aren’t super bright (like some of the pastels we absolutely love), but the pattern on the shirt is really striking. It’s the type of shirt that Gatsby would have in his collection (remember the ones that made Daisy weep with joy?).  

At the risk of repeating myself, this shirt will look great with Max’s signature contrasting collar and cuffs and, as with last week’s shirt, I might even be tempted to do the same myself. But, with all the bits matching, I think it might even look that little bit smarter. As ever, you can always change your collar and cuffs after several years to prolong the life of your shirt. I’ve done this several times.

As is often the case with these bold multistripes, you can have a lot of fun with your choice of tie. I’ve got a vintage Turnbull & Asser navy blue tie with a lilac pattern that I think will look great with this shirt. And various other shades of blue or purple will also look lovely with this shirt. Go for it — I know I will! BTWB

Ordering our Shirt of the Week couldn’t be easier! Just click the button below and make sure to mention the fabric reference (Lilac-White-Blue Multistripe (Buckingham) – FM53496-000087) in your mail. We will get back to you as soon as possible! The price of this wonderful shirt is 279,00€.