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23. June 2020

The Shirt of the Week – Episode 7 – Max’s choice


Bob The wardrobe builder

Back to Max this time around for our Shirt of the Week, and the fella has chosen an absolute gem. Regular readers will know how much I love a multi-stripe, and Mr Mogg has chosen one that I would also consider as one of my top choices as well (great minds think alike, eh?).

This week’s shirt is a red, white and blue multi-stripe from Thomas Mason’s Silver line, and it is exquisite. The red and blue stripes are thinner than their white counterparts and, all-in-all, it makes for a subtle yet bold combination, and a colour mix which I truly love. 

As ever, Max would probably go with a contrasting collar and cuffs and, with this shirt, I might even be tempted to do the same myself. Although, my preference remains for all the bits of the shirt to match. I recently had a horizontally-striped shirt made (à la Wall Street Gekko), and this fabric might look good in that (or indeed a more traditional configuration).

Where you can really stretch your sartorial legs is in pairing a tie with this shirt. Various shades of red, blue, with spots or other small patterns — or even something in a regimental stripe for you pattern mixers out there — will work splendidly with this shirt. In fact, I think I will get one myself. You should too! BTWB/MM/YS

Ordering our Shirt of the Week couldn’t be easier! Just click the button below and make sure to mention the fabric reference (Red-White-Blue Multistripe (Silver) – FM403528-000035) in your mail. We will get back to you as soon as possible! The price of this wonderful shirt is 279,00€.