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19. May 2020

The Shirt of the Week – Episode 2 – Bob’s choice


Bob The wardrobe builder

For our second Shirt of the Week, we’re going for a white cloth with gorgeous, bold fuchsia stripes. If you gave me a choice of only one style of business shirt to wear, it would be striped (just ahead of checked), and this particular choice is very striking and elegant.

As was the case last week, we’ve gone for a Thomas Mason cloth. This particular one is a lovely cotton royal twill. I always think that pink and blue are a marriage made in heaven, so I would suggest pairing this shirt with a navy blue suit (check back on Saturday for my specific choice).

Because of the boldness of the stripes in this shirt, I would recommend wearing it with discreetly patterned neckties (for example, something spotted, or maybe with a pin-dot, or polka dot if you want a really bold look).  As for the base colour of the tie, blue would be a good choice (something in navy or royal), and green and pink always look smashing together in my humble opinion. 

You’ll love the stripes and the bright colour in this shirt, and it will really punch up a more conservative suit! BTWB/YS/MM

Ordering our Shirt of the Week couldn’t be easier! Just click the button below and make sure to mention the fabric reference (FM39240-000087) in your mail. We will get back to you as soon as possible. The price of this wonderful shirt is 280,00€.