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25. August 2020

The Shirt of the Week – Episode 16 – Bob’s choice


Bob The wardrobe builder

By now, you know we love checked shirts. For me, they bring back a 1990s vibe – when I was in my late 20s and early 30s – a great time of my life. The thing is, though, checks are so timeless and elegant, they can flourish and adorn all you stylish men in the 2020s.

This week, we’ve gone for a turquoise, green, purple and white multicheck from Thomas Mason’s collection of Zephir fabrics, and we really love this cloth. It’s got loads of those pastels that all you regular readers know we adore. And yet, this particular cloth is subtle, with the colours combined in a “softer” way. Don’t get us wrong, we love “in your face” colours and patterns. But this one is slightly less loud.

My inclination with checked shirts is to go very formal in the detailing, meaning a signature Mogg double cuff and my favoured St James full cutaway collar. Given that Max and I chose this fabric together (although I claim sole curation above), it would be rude not to say how smart this shirt would look with a contrasting white Zee Jerman collar and white double cuff. And, if you want, it’ll look great with the three button barrel cuff, too! And, for ties, you’re only limited by your imagination! Blue, green, purple, orange (!), turquoise – any combination or permutation of these will look outstanding with this shirt! BTWB/YYS

Ordering our Shirt of the Week couldn’t be easier! Just click the button below and make sure to mention the fabric reference (Purple & White multistripe by Thomas Mason (Regent) FM50701-000083) in your mail. We will get back to you as soon as possible! The price of this wonderful shirt is 279,00€.