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20. September 2020

The Next Chapter


Maximilian Mogg

It’s been five years since that fateful day when a certain foolish young man decided to change course and tread a new path. Those five years have absolutely flown by.

It is with great pleasure that, on the occasion of the company’s fifth anniversary, we can formally announce that Maximilian Mogg has expanded. Perhaps we should clarify that we are referring to the brand, not the individual. He remains as thin as ever. We have taken up residence in a considerably larger space. Don’t worry. It is at exactly the same address in the Bleibtreustraße in Berlin. It is one shop window over. You can’t miss it. This move has allowed us to expand our range of products. We are incredibly excited to announce that we will be adding a new fully-handmade line (under the name MAXIMILIAN MOGG) to complement and expand upon our core MAX MOGG – BERLIN products. Without going into too many details, let’s just say that we believe customers will be very impressed by what we will be able to offer.

But wait! There are even more causes for celebration:

Over the course of the last few months, we have been very busy developing new products. As such, we are now ready to unveil our new MTM knitwear and MTM jeans to the world. Our idea was to recreate the essence of our tailoring’s aesthetic and transpose it to more casual clothing. If you’re curious, feel free to come by and let us show you what we have in mind.

We are very confident that our knitwear (available in various gauges, weaves, colours, and designs) will help you to remain comfortable and stylish in even the most inhospitable climes. Designed to be worn close to the body and with a shorter length than you may be accustomed to, each of our sweaters is constructed with high-rise trousers in mind. Just make sure that your partner doesn’t take too much of a liking to your new sweater. Otherwise, you might never see it again. Fair warning! One option is to simply never take it off.

Thankfully, there will be far fewer safety concerns with our new MTM jeans. Made from ultra-robust Japanese selvedge denim, they are practically bulletproof. Furthermore, the silhouette, with its high rise, has been designed specifically to pair with tailoring, be it a navy blazer, tweed sportscoat, or even your favourite cashmere jacket.

Whether you’re curious to explore our new store, hear more about our new products, or simply to confirm that Max remains as thin as ever, we’re excited to see you at our new location in the near future. Drinks are on us. MM/DPFC