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22. November 2020

The Maximilian Mogg Gift Guide


Yves Yannick Stork

This too shall pass. If there was ever a year to adopt this mantra, it is 2020. To say this year has been turbulent around the world would be an incredible understatement. However, this too shall pass. And, though it might be hard to remember, there is still the festive period to look forward to. So, while grandma is napping in the gravy boat, your grandfather is being casually racist, and your new girlfriend wonders aloud (unironically) when you’ll be going to mass, remember that this too shall pass. Unfortunately, we have no remedy for the simple ‘joys’ of spending time with your family (in fact, if you have any tips, feel free to let us know). However, there are things we can perhaps help with.

Imagine the scene, if you would. Your holidays begin in earnest in mid-December. Rather than spending your weekends fighting children and the elderly over that ugly scarf that you’ve decided is just what your mother-in-law deserves, you are sitting in front of the fireplace and enjoying the company of your faithful dog. You might even take the dog out for a walk and, possibly for the very first time, fully appreciate the natural beauty around you. You and the dog arrive home to the smell of cookies baking in the kitchen, you take off your Tweed jacket, and slide back into your favourite armchair.

After a short nap in the aforementioned armchair, you spend the evening making plans for your festive dinner. Thankfully, you spent the entire lockdown binge-watching cooking shows on Netflix. You are prepared. You’re going to show everyone what you’ve learned. The next morning, you slip on your new made-to-measure jeans and take a trip to the local butcher’s shop.

‘And what exactly is Wagyu beef?’, the lady behind the counter responds incredulously. As you never actually bothered to google what Wagyu beef is, you decide that you are just going to pick up some venison instead. If you really think about it, it doesn’t matter that much. You’ve never cooked or eaten either of them. The accompaniment to your Wagyu beef turned venison will be stir-fried kale. Yes, you’re late to the party by a couple of years but you’re not going to pass up the opportunity to benefit from more kale in your life. You decide to forego traditional potatoes in favour of their sweeter cousins, mainly because they match your new orange Oxford cloth button-down shirt. Master Chef, here I come!

Hard cut back to reality. You wake up on the 23rd of December. The fridge is empty (does McDonald’s do deliveries on Christmas Eve?) and you have been putting off your work emails for weeks now. ‘Gifts?’, you ask. ‘What gifts?’ And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why the gift card was invented.

If you take only one thing away from this article, let it be this. This year, focus on yourself first. It’s been a hard year and you deserve to treat yourself. Our recommendation is a yellow (or orange, if you insist on matching your sweet potatoes) Oxford-cloth shirt, mid-blue Japanese selvage denim jeans, and a green Fox Brothers Tweed jacket.

Should you still (maybe that should be ‘already’) be looking for gifts for that special someone in your life, you could do worse than one of our gift cards. We’ll gladly add a personal message too. Don’t forget that many of our made-to-measure and bespoke products are also available for women. Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have. DPFC/YS/MM