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4. October 2020

The Looks of the Month October


Bob The wardrobe builder

It’s 5am, my usual wake up time during the working week. I peel back the curtains and, unlike in recent months, I am greeted by darkness. I throw open the windows, and a cold wind and a light rain greet me. Dear readers –- it’s not summer anymore! It’s October, the days are getting shorter and cooler and, in the coming weeks, decidedly greyer. The mere thought of it can be rather dispiriting. 

At a more sociable hour later in the morning, I put in a call to my tailor, and a friendly, welcoming voice meets me at the other end of the line. The onset of autumn, as is the case with any changes in season, is no cause to be sad or down-hearted, he tells me. That’s because you can refresh your wardrobe, and your autumn clothing choices can be incredibly stylish! Sure, blues and greys will make their way out of your suit closet, but that doesn’t mean dressing for the season that’s about to begin needs to be dull or unadventurous.

I’m growing increasingly convinced, and now I’m going to prove to you, as well, that October and the onset of autumn are times for sartorial flourishes and reasons for celebration! We’ve selected three outfits for this month, and we think they can cover your daytime, business needs, in addition to your evenings and weekends. They’re eminently sharp, characteristically unique, and (perhaps most importantly) practical.

Turquoise Standeven Oxbridge flannel suit & oatmeal rollneck

This is a very strong weekend look. We’ve paired a fantastic turquoise flannel from Standeven’s Oxbridge line with one of our new knitwear products – an oatmeal merino wool rollneck by Zegna. 

We’re very excited about our new knitwear offerings, and this rollneck is a great place to start. It is a lovely neutral colour that will work with loads of existing pieces in your wardrobe. It’s warm and comfortable, perfect for this time of year and it looks exquisite with the turquoise flannel from Standeven. The Standeven fabric is made from a super 120 wool, weighing 370g per metre which is a perfect weight for autumn. We’d recommend having this suit configured in the Maximilian house style – a 6×2 DB.

Dugdale navy blue pinstripe suit & lilac multistripe shirt

This is an outfit that is very near-and-dear to my heart, as it represents the look of my early career in the mid-1990s. 

For the suit, we’ve gone for a navy blue banker’s pinstripe from Dugdale Bros English Classic line, in a 435g per metre wool. As the name of the cloth suggests, it is a classic financier’s look. It is always on point, and shows that the wearer means business!

We love multistripe shirts here at Mogg Towers, and we’ve chosen a smashing example to pair with the suit. It’s a lilac, light blue and white number from Thomas Mason’s Portland line and, when paired with the suit, is the height of elegance and panache! We’d recommend having this suit configured in the Richard house style – a 3 button single-breasted style.

Grey and blue Prince of Wales check suit by Fox Brothers & multi check shirt

This look also means business. However, it is a little less traditional than the banker’s choice above. I can see it being worn by somebody in the more creative occupations – maybe somebody in advertising or marketing. 

For the suit, we’ve gone for a grey and blue Prince of Wales check from the Fox Brothers Worsted Checks bunch. The fabric is a superfine merino wool, weighing 300g per metre. It is a lovely, nuanced pattern, and the dark colours provide a superb frame for the rest of the outfit. We like to pair it with a royal, light blue and white multi check shirt from Thomas Mason’s Zephir line of cloths. It adds a dash of colour and goes very well with the Prince of Wales pattern. We’d recommend having this suit configured in our house style Vimal.

There you have it – three colourful options for the colder months. I grew up in the area between Ontario and Quebec where the colours in the trees in autumn are a wild combination of bright and wild tints and hues. I’ve tried to take a leaf (pun intended) out of my earlier years to provide some vivid autumn wardrobe choices for you. Take heart, summer is over but the next few months can be incredibly stylish and elegant! BTWB/MM/YYS