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2. January 2022

The Idea Behind the BERLIN FLANNEL


Daniel Paul Finbar Carey

Those whom associate Berlin with ironic streetwear trends, kink (if you’re not sure what we mean, ask your parents; they know), and that fashion icon that is the black tracksuit might be surprised to hear that we haven’t gone for an all-black fabric. We wanted to make something more quintessentially Berlin.

Perhaps somewhat counter-intuitively when trying to design the ultimate Berlin fabric, our first port of call was in England with Mr Douglas Cordeaux and Fox Brothers. It was Fox Brothers’ reputation for perfection and their unique feeling for colours that made this an easy choice for us. What’s more, as we wanted to make a fall-winter fabric that could just as easily be made into a sports jacket or a full lounge suit, we knew that we had to get in touch with the world’s best in terms of flannels.

Versatility was also key in our design process. Put simply, Berlin is a very cold city in winter, with brutally biting east winds and we wanted to guarantee our customers a chance at survival that didn’t involve cutting open a Tauntaun (once again, your parents know all about this one). It was Mr Cordeaux whom suggested a 410g/m wool and cashmere blend to ensure that you will be able to beat the cold in style and comfort, although the colour and pattern choices were a bit more complicated. Sand for the base colour was a no-brainer. Beyond sand being arguably the most versatile colour in all of menswear, it and the medium-scale check also mirror Berlin’s urban and urbane character. They’re effortlessly cool. The blue overcheck that cuts through the fabric is meant to symbolise the Spree that runs through Berlin, while the green décos hint at the many parks and wooded areas dotted around the city. The perfect mix of urban and rural, industrial and natural. In short, Berlin.

As a result, the fabric will make a beautiful sports jacket. Wear it with a pair of blue jeans and a roll neck for a casual but sophisticated look or with a pair of mid-grey or navy flannels with a light-blue pinpoint shirt and a knitted tie for a somewhat more formal ensemble.

The other option is, of course, a two-piece or maybe even a three-piece suit. As this fabric is only available in limited quantities, we would strongly recommend getting a second pair of trousers made, as this will greatly increase the lifespan of your suit. Either way, this beauty will be sure to make an impression, whether it’s at Berghain or in the Bundestag.

Ah, Berlin. The city of raves and refinement. There is nowhere else we’d rather be. MM/DC