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5. December 2021

The Boys are Lockin’ Down


Daniel Paul Finbar Carey

It would be most accurate to describe my experiences in lockdown as akin to escaping to the countryside, sans fresh air and general calmness, of course. It seems to be growing clearer and clearer by the day that we will soon be condemned to confinement within our homes once again. Perhaps we will take the occasional walk (to escape our ‘loved ones’) and enjoy what small amounts of flora line our streets. If we’re lucky, we’ll still be able to go to the office. Other than that diversion, the experience is remarkably like living in the countryside. What used to be the dream of every young family has become a reality for us all, even for those whom avoid any kind of nature like the plague.

Yet what of our true loved ones? Those that reside within our wardrobes. The grey flannel suit, chain-smoking, sits in the corner waiting to be worn to its favourite bar. The navy pin-stripe is chewing its nails while checking its notes for the business meeting it will surely be able to attend eventually. The less said of the tragedy of the dinner jacket, the better. It is time to call the tailor of your choosing to discuss our new sartorial standards. They’ll know how to get us out of our morning gown and back into the world of menswear.

So, what does our tailor recommend?

If you’re escaping to the metaphorical countryside, let’s start with a flannel shirt in the boldest plaid you can find. This large double windowpane in grey and white on a burgundy field is just the ticket. Burgundy is the perfect colour for winter, is easy to combine, looks good on just about anyone, and gives anyone that touch of regal elegance that we’re all in need of right now. The crossed checks in different scales add a certain dynamism to the flannel shirt’s casual nature. Add to that a button-down collar and a three-button cuff and you’ve got the perfect shirt to wear at home. And as you will be wearing your flannel dream all day long, it might be worth opting for two breast pockets. Then you can wear the shirt almost like a jacket.

For the trousers, opt for a golden-brown corduroy. High rise, turn-ups, two deep pleats: comfortable, yet warm enough for a winter walk. If you want to add a bit of glamour, you can add a black crocodile leather belt with a subtle golden buckle. The contrast to the trousers will be delicious and the belt will match your black derbies beautifully, even if you’ll only be able to wear them to go grocery shopping.

Lockdown is dead. Long live lockdown! DC/JoLo/KP

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