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21. December 2018

Thank you 2.0


Maximilian Mogg

Before I start singing “My Way” at the top of my lungs, as is my wont at the end of the year, I have taken some time to reflect on another year of self-employment. My conclusion is that this year has exceeded all expectations. Why? Because so many people have helped me to achieve my successes and given me strength in the face of adversity.

A foolish young man who started from his bedroom in Neukölln is feeling a bit sentimental (without any alcohol, no less!) and would like to say thank you. As was the case in last year’s list of thanks, I will forego names. Those addressed know who they are. Privacy is key to a tailor’s work.

My thanks go to…

my fantastically elegant customers, without whom I would be nothing.

my eager readers, without whom I would be an actor without an audience.

all of my various business partners, with whom it a pleasure to work every day.

my incredible team, whom try to keep my more megalomaniacal tendencies in check. In particular, I would like to thank the bearded caveman-like technician, the incredibly handsome, charismatic, stylish (possibly the most stylish person I’ve ever met) translaturt with the punch lines, whom I can trust never to change the text to make himself look better, the razor-sharp editor, the maniac artist, the enlightening photographer, the ONE graphic designer, and the guest writers, whom I hope will return in 2019.

my family, for their unwavering support.

my girlfriend, for being my rock.

my best friend, whom helps me see the bigger picture.

a gentleman from a very old family, whom helps me to see my blind spots.

a friend from Frankfurt, whose shoe designs and creative energy inspire me day-in, day-out.

a moustachioed shoemaker, for recommending a good neighbourhood.

an ocelot, whom is not only a daily inspiration but also a (possibly imaginary) friend.

two gentlemen of the world, without whom my shop would not be as beautiful as it is.

I wish all of my readers a happy festive season and nothing but success in 2019.

Per aspera ad astra. MM/DC