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31. July 2020

Thank God it’s Monday – Making an impression



Paris, 16 July 1975. When one of our long-term clients asked us to swap our office for the auction room at the Hôtel Drouot this Wednesday, we kindly accepted the offer. Our friend – whose name can obviously not be mentioned here – has a weakness for the French impressionists. Since he knows that we share this sentiment, he probably wanted to give us the pleasure of acquiring one of the world-famous paintings in his name. For a moment, we stared in disbelief as we saw next month’s salary slipping away for a new suit which would allow us to enter the venerable auction site. However, our old friend assured us that there was no reason to worry about such extraordinary expenses.

So today, for once, we leave the house heading east and put on our sunglasses. Only now do we realise that we have made exactly the right choice for our suit. The medium grey merino wool fabric by Loro Piana has an elegant sheen and it almost falls like silk. The ultra-light 170’s weave is hardly noticeable on the skin. So, despite the high temperatures, we can choose our beloved double-breasted style. Three large flap pockets and two high slits emphasise the slim waist. The wide lapels and the high shoulder hem accentuate our shoulders. The jacket’s length forms the lower part of the hourglass cut and creates an athletic and self-confident appearance. The trousers feature two forward-facing pleats and high turn-ups. A luxurious and elegant suit!

Loro Piana Super 170’s merino wool fabric 260g/m

For today’s excursion to the bel étage of the art world, we can indulge in a lot of colour, due to the formality of the double-breasted grey suit. The blue double stripes of the suit are a first hint of colour. The apple-green pastel of our Caccioppoli shirt is a perfect match. As it is made of batiste, it is very light and ideal for high temperatures. We add a pink tie made of heavy silk with a subtle floral pattern. This colour combination could be worn as much as possible in the warmer months of the year. It is cheerful and looks especially good against a sober background such as a grey pinstripe suit. We are surprised when a fleeting glance at the windows of the Parisian fashion chains shows that they are presenting similar colour combinations. Nothing that would put the loyalty to our tailor to the test – but still quite beautiful.

Green batiste by Caccioppoli

Arriving at the auction room, we quickly disappear in the crowd to identify possible competitors for our object of desire. The white collar and the white cuffs of the shirt are an excellent way of balancing the joyful colours. Furthermore, the long Zee-Jerman collar allows for a more discreet look. At first, this may seem contradictory, but the long white collar only allow for a spot of green to show.

After hours of small talk, during which our relatively shallow knowledge of art did not attract any attention, the painting eventually shows up. We quickly raise our hand, we bid as agreed and we actually win at two and a half million francs. What a success! On the way back, we catch ourselves thinking about whether we could not take a career turn to have some more days like this. JoLo/YS/MM