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20. December 2020

Thank God it’s Monday – Let’s Dance


Maximilian Mogg

Berlin, 23rd December 2022. After such a successful year, it is fair to say that your colleagues are all very excited to enjoy some well-deserved holidays. Although, admittedly, some of the lustre has already worn off at this point. Endless treks through crowded city streets will wear anyone down eventually. As such, yours is a difficult task. You must make Whos of Grinches. Thankfully, someone spiked the punch early. This has led to many a heart growing many a size already.

One condition for a successful office party is the prohibition of the typical hues of everyday business. While some have opted for the traditional ugly sweater or ‘funny’ tie, you are perhaps a bit more sophisticated. Your jacket is a three-button in a rich burgundy corduroy. Mrs Claus agrees that even the big man himself couldn’t have worn the colour more elegantly.

To complete the candy-cane-inspired look, you’ve opted for a thick, off-white cashmere roll neck sweater. The burgundy and cream colours work together deliciously, while the cable-knit structure lends the look even more visual texture. To ensure the ideal silhouette, the sweater is cut short, ending at the waistband of the trousers. Your attractive coworker has noticed the effect: ‘Oh, colleague, with your legs so long, won’t you guide me to the supply closet tonight?’

An office party can’t be said to have truly begun until the Dom Pérignon has come out of its hibernation. Oddly, no one seems to be in much of a hurry. The more cynical among our readers might suggest that your colleagues aren’t ready to go home to spend time with their families just yet.

Your trousers (replete with double reverse pleats and turn-ups) are cut from a 400g flannel from Fox Brothers. The herringbone design harmonises beautifully with the deep corduroy of your jacket and the cable-knit design of the roll neck. It is a simple fact of life that we can’t all be stars. For some, their fate is to be the supporting act. Your trousers have understood that all too well. Their mid-grey colour allows the burgundy of your jacket to really pop.

In honour of the Scottish wiseman whom was surely present at the birth of Jesus, we’ve opted for a pocket square in a green tartan this evening. Frankly, whether its the festive period or not, who doesn’t want to pretend they are at least a little bit Scottish? The best gift we will get this year is (much like every other year) a gift from ourselves: a pair of bespoke mink-brown suede oxfords with subtle broguing from our cordwainer of choice, Mr Korbinian Ludwig Hess. If you ask him nicely, he might even be convinced to join you in drinking some of the Dom Pérignon. Cheers! JoLo/DPFC/MM