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21. June 2020

Thank God it’s Monday – Bora Bora in Berlin



‘Thank God it’s Monday.’ By the time this article has been published, that will have become our new motto. We finally have a reason to dress up again. A quick glance out the window reveals that summer has come. While some colleagues are diligently working on a proposal to allow t-shirts in the office, we are arming ourselves with the necessary tools to battle the heat in style.

Thankfully, there are no important appointments today. The monotony of moving files from one side of the desk to the other in a vain attempt to appear busy will only be interrupted by the occasional bout of flirting with our particularly attractive colleague (yes, that one). And it’s lucky that we are not too busy today as the weekend was – let’s face it – less than relaxing. We decide to put on a colourful tie to distract from our Monday-hangover face. A silk tie in a coral tone with white polka dots. Don’t discount the added bonus that the light orange colour reminds us of the sunsets from our recent holiday in the South Pacific.

Turquoise shirt fabric from Caccioppoli

To celebrate the beginning of summer, we’re going bold and combining that tie with this shirt in a turquoise from the kings of summer fabric, Caccioppoli. While certainly a rare sight in most offices, turquoise is only a lateral step from the more common blue. However, turquoise is endlessly more summery. Given that we’ve opted for a quite bold colour, it seems only logical to tone it down slightly with a contrasting collar in white. The cuffs – three button! – will match the body of the shirt. To find the right balance between joie de vivre and office humdrum, a semi-cutaway collar is the right choice. The light cotton-linen mix will also help us keep our cool when our boss calls us into their office to remind us that they pay us to work, not to pretend to work.

To prove to our colleagues that we are not totally lost in the summer reveries that our shirt and tie might suggest, we’re going for a true classic for the suit. Namely, a mid-grey 280/310g worsted wool offering from Dugdale Bros & Co. The right shade of grey is the key here. This one is not too dark for summer, yet provides just the right amount of contrast to the shirt and tie combo. Grey is generally a better base to combine with bolder colours than, for example, blue. The grey base note will also do wonders when it comes to accentuating the coral shade of the tie.

Mid-grey pinstripe from Dugdale Bros and Co.

Given that we have currently done no work and have spent the entire morning flirting with so many of our colleagues, it is a good thing that the white pinstripes add some much-needed seriousness to the whole ensemble. A one-button jacket and flat-front trousers always make the wearer seem taller and thinner. This effect is doubled by the choice of a slightly-thinner-than-usual pinstripe. Two jetted packets will ensure a clean and svelte appearance. Two long side vents are non-negotiable when planning on wearing a suit to sit for long periods, otherwise going ventless might be an option here. The single-breasted jacket can be more easily worn open to allow for some cooling off when even we feel we may have gone too far. The high button-stance helps in finding the right balance between a shirt that provides a pop of colour and being a bit over the top. As black shoes are a must in formal office settings, we round the outfit out with a pair of black full-strap loafers from Leonard Kahlcke. JL/DPFC