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6. April 2018

Why do we behave and dress differently at night?


Maximilian Mogg

It is strange and amusing to me, that I only recently noticed how differently we behave in the evening – even without exhilarants. We become very different people at night. We are more cordial, more relaxed, and most certainly louder. There is a crack in our daytime façade and we are allowed to consider ourselves human beings again.

Is this why we dress differently in the evening? Is it simply that our truer forms have different taste?

In my humble view, light, or the lack of it, plays a key role. You may laugh, but our subconscious holds more sway over what we like than we might (consciously) think. Black clothing is as beautiful at night as it is sad during the day. White clothing has a charming levity during the day, whereas moonlight can make it appear garish. (NB.: For this very reason, I would recommend discussing your lounge suit with your tailor when the sun is at its zenith and your dinner suit in the evening.) The intelligentsia of classic menswear may say: this is why there are rules. However, these rules should not be tyrannical. They should be playful, like two dancers swaying in each others’ arms. I know that you, dear readers, feel this too. However, we are often too willing to make decisions with our daytime minds at the expense of our evening hearts.

Additional Information

I have a dream for a true party suit. A suit for Saturday nights. In my mind’s eye, I see black mohair, a shirt cut from black voile, wholecut loafers with a mirror shine, no socks, and that is all. A tailor’s summer revery. DC/MM

Dancing in the moonlight.