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10. October 2021

Suits of the Month: January


Daniel Paul Finbar Carey

Is there a greater cliché than ‘New year, new suit’? In any other year, we’d agree with you. However, we think you’ll all agree that there has been something a little bit special about the last few years. ‘Special’ in the sense of just awful awful awful. Unless you’ve invested heavily in Amazon or are an avid amateur virologist, 2022 can’t come soon enough. Let’s draw a line under what will undoubtedly be called ‘the Covid years’ in our biographies and make a new start. What better place to start than with your wardrobe?

Dark green velvet from Dugdale Bros. & Co (370 g/m)

Unfortunately, 2021 does want to cling to life for as long as possible. At least that is the sensation you get when spending Christmas and New Year’s Eve with your family. We can’t make your family any more interesting, let alone less annoying (alcohol might help with that). What we can offer is a garment that will help you feel like James Bond, even if we can’t make you an orphan like him. As you play your tenth game of charades (IT’S ALWAYS GONE WITH THE WIND. EVERY SINGLE TIME.), things are looking desperate. Just then you remember that your velvet jacket is green, the colour of hope. And, suddenly, you think that maybe this is the year when grandma will finally agree to be put in a home. What luxury! Almost as luxurious as the silk-faced lapels on your one-button jacket that you’ve matched with your dinner trousers, dinner shirt, and a black bow tie. When it’s your turn in charades, for the first time, Jordan Peele’s Get Out isn’t the only film that comes to mind. Strange that.

If you opt for our MAX MOGG – BERLIN line, the jacket will cost €1530, handmade in our MAXIMILIAN MOGG line will cost €2650, and fully bespoke made in London (THEOPHIL P. MOGG) will cost €4000.

Grey flannel with a red windowpane overcheck from Fox Brothers (290 g/m)

After indulging your experimental side for a bit, let’s go back to something a little bit more classic. Everyone needs a grey Prince-of-Wales checked suit in their wardrobe. But this isn’t your grandma’s Prince-of-Wales check (especially because you had all of her possessions sold when you put her in a home), this POW has a bold red windowpane overcheck that allows for some fun combinations in terms of shirts, pocket squares, and ties. We would suggest opting for a double-breasted “Maximilian” cut, not only because the large scale check will accentuate the broad lapels but also because the windowpane will follow the lines of the jacket beautifully. That bold red check might also spur you to make a bolder footwear choice than usual. Think maybe black horsebit loafers from Leonard Kahlcke or black single-monks from Korbinian Ludwig Hess.

The base model of the double-breasted suit will cost €2170. Handmade, it will be €3570, bespoke will cost €4970.

‘Blazer’ in camel hair from Standeven (640 g/m)

Our third wardrobe suggestion is a twist on your traditional navy blazer. Instead of a navy hopsack, we’d recommend trying camel hair both in colour and fabric. For full effect, if you are varying the colour, everything else should be as traditional as possible. Hence why we’re sticking to the classic naval double-breasted configuration and golden buttons. Think Richard Gere in American Gigolo but replace the iconic coat with a blazer. To create a look that oozes effortless cool, opt for a white silk-cashmere blend rollneck sweater and a pair of (sometimes controversial) navy trousers. No matter what 2022 has in store for us all, you’ll be ready. The MAX MOGG – BERLIN version of this blazer will cost €1830, handmade €2940, und fully bespoke made in London €4370. The sweater will set you back €490. The trousers will cost €390. DC/JoLo/MM