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28. February 2021

Style Icons — Prince Michael of Kent


Bob The wardrobe builder

There are so many stylish men, both fictional and real-life examples, to choose from when writing a piece on one’s style icon. Characters like Gordon Gekko, Charles Ryder, Thomas Crown and many others are inspirational, and I have copied some elements from their style in devising my own. Similarly, individuals such as David Niven, Anthony Eden and Prince Charles have had an influence. If I had to choose one man as my style icon, however, it would have to be Prince Michael of Kent. 

One of the lesser-known British royals, the Prince is a paternal first cousin of Queen Elizabeth, and about fifty places below Lillibet’s stylish son in the line of succession to the throne. Nonetheless, as elegant and well-dressed as Charles is, Prince Michael has that special something that makes him my style icon. 

There are many similarities between the two. Both princes have their suits made on Savile Row and their shirts on Jermyn Street. All of which embodies a tradition that generations of British aristos have followed.  Both have been known to rock a double-breasted with panache. Which makes it quite weird that a single-breasted fan (such a I) thinks so highly of these two British gents. 

The thing that swings it for me, though, the thing that makes him über-stylish, is Prince Michael’s shirt-and-tie game. It is exquisite, immaculate, without compare. He loves big, banana knots, pairs his shirt and tie combos perfectly, and has a look that is distinctive and incredibly unique. He’s not afraid of using strong colours and mixing patterns, and he is so on point, at all times. His look is individualistic and classically elegant at the same, quite proper and correct, while also being daring and pushing boundaries. The best of all worlds, and the approach that we really value at the House of Mogg.    

And, the thing is, Prince Michael’s look is anything but perfect in my eyes. In addition to his preference for often sporting double-breasted jackets, he wears a beard. I can see why he does — it looks fantastic on him, and it’s hard to imagine him without it. It’s also one of his signature features, but it is not something I would ever consider for myself. Despite this, the man’s shirt and tie game does it for me. 

Still, if he ever sought counsel from Bleibtreustraße, I think we could up his style even more. The Prince would look amazing in the fine selection of limited-edition, vintage shirt fabrics that we now offer. There are so many smexy and distinctive styles to choose from, all of which would complement Michael’s style impeccably. I’d love to see him in shirts with my two favourite Mogg cuff styles — the signature long double-cuff, and the new 3-button cocktail cuff. As stylish as the Prince is, with these sartorial flourishes, and our exclusive cloths, this style icon would move to the next level. Give us a call or drop us a line!