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4. May 2018

Maximiliàn Mucska – Four Fittings to Perfection!


Maximilian Mogg

Readers of this journal should know by now that I have no interest in judging other tailors’ quality and that I don’t see myself as a critic of their work. However, I would like to make an exception for my first ever bespoke suit and send a little love to Bratislava.

My happy face.

Maximilian Mucska – A little dream, light-grey and double-breasted

When I visited Maximilian Mucska in Bratislava at the beginning of December, it was already clear to me that I had come to the right place. I hadn’t decided in advance to bespeak a suit, but I was so impressed by father Maximilan’s hospitality, sons Erik and Patrik, the overall diligence of the work I saw, and the value for money that I felt compelled to have a suit made. It should be kept in mind that I came into the meeting with strong ideas (I basically dream of suits) and knew exactly what I wanted. That being said, I am nonetheless convinced that the suit would have been a success no matter what – that’s how impressed I was at all four fittings.

Sleeve position: AAA+!

Four fittings to World Domination!

Any doubts I may have had were immediately gone after the first fitting in Florence at the beginning of January. I knew right away that I needn’t worry about the quality of cut and making and could focus all of my attention on design features. All of my dreams were taken down by Erik Mucska and made into reality by the entire bespoke tailoring team. Not a single thing was omitted or changed at their discretion (an annoying reality with many bespoke tailors). With each additional fitting in Berlin, my maniacal laughter grew in intensity, and I am now ready to take over the world.

I like my wide lapel by Maximiliàn Mucska.

My baby

When I finally got to meet my new suit last week, I couldn’t stop smiling all day (particularly troublesome for a German, as you know). The fit is impeccable. The jacket is long and narrow with a beautiful pagoda shoulder – just as I had dreamt. The armholes are small and incredibly comfortable. The back is elegant, form-fitting, and narrow, without restricting my freedom of movement whatsoever. The sleeves feature another of my favourite design quirks: a turnback cuff. The relatively wide-cut trousers feature high permanent turn-ups, two deep forward pleats, and a fishtail back. To my eyes, they are entirely flawless. For any other questions, please refer to the pictures. I believe they speak for themselves. In short: compliments from Berlin to Bratislava!

Erik Mucska, Patrik Mucska & me.

However, you needn’t take my word for it as Maximiliàn Mucska and I are pleased to announce that, from now on, we will be offering their suits, jackets, coats, trousers, and shirts every six to eight weeks in Berlin. Your own Mucska two-piece suit will set you back € 3000 in Berlin, while bespoke machine-made shirts are available for as little as € 200.

Further information

Firstly, this is not a paid advert. I am writing this article to express my enthusiasm and not for monetary gain – like all of my articles. For the suit, I bought the fabric used to make it and was graciously given a small discount on the making. I was not paid to write this article. It is very important to me to stress this fact. All too often in our industry, there is a lack of transparency and integrity in journalism that makes it very difficult as a reader to know if you are reading someone’s genuine opinion on a subject or a paid advert. Secondly, to those wondering why a maker of high quality suits would go to another tailor for a suit, allow me to explain. My enthusiasm for the craft is immeasurable. Furthermore, I believe that a key part of one’s professional development is learning what makes other people’s work great and how one can apply these techniques to one’s own work. MM/DC

Smexy suit by Maximiliàn Mucska, Smexy shoes by Leonard Kahlcke, Smexy shirt by Maximilian Mogg.


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