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6. December 2020

Maximilian Mogg Gift Guide Part 2


Maximilian Mogg

The holiday period is always a strange time for us all, even without the added stress of the current pandemic. You’re off work, your family will not leave you alone, and you don’t know what to wear. Do you succumb to exterior pressures and put on the ugly and oddly political Christmas sweater your (frankly awful) aunt Jean got you and / or do you put on the wacky tie your kids got you? ‘Another Looney Tunes tie? Thanks, kids’, you mutter to yourself as you add condoms to your wish list.

It is all the more unfortunate that this is the perfect time of year to wear your finest fineries. You could be wearing a burgundy velvet dinner jacket or spending this entire festive period wearing velvet slippers, monogrammed pyjamas, and a flannel morning gown? If this year’s unfortunate circumstances have only one positive effect on your life, let that effect be on your wardrobe.

No longer shall you accept the obligatory socks and underwear from alleged loved ones. You know that feeling. After the third pair of socks (adidas sports socks to boot), it begins to dawn on you that you will not be receiving any good gifts again. To top it all off, it’s far too early for alcohol. You’re forced to reach for a 15th gingerbread cookie. Eat the disappointment away. And you don’t even enjoy gingerbread. (NB: Frankly, who does?) However, I have good news for you. If they won’t gift you what you actually want, let this be the year for you to take things into your own hands. [Conversely, if you’re reading this and you’re slowly realising that your gifts aren’t up to snuff, take this as an opportunity to make better choices.]

Our first recommendation is a stunning pair of pyjamas in a blue and white brushed cotton from Canclini. The medium-scale check and mother-of-pearl buttons are subtle while still conveying a true sense of serenity and comfort. Of course, your morning gown should complement your pyjamas. Hence why we’ve opted for a mirroring effect of sorts in choosing a houndstooth fabric for the morning gown. The key to bringing it all together is to match the piping on PJs and gown. In this case, we’d opt for a light-blue for this ensemble.

Inevitably, your mother will want to see her grandchildren at some point. You can’t keep ignoring her calls forever. Alas, lockdowns and mothers being as they are, you’ll have to get out of your pyjamas. Leaving your mobile fortress of sleepitude will certainly not be easy, but we have some suggestions to help soften the blow. Let’s start with some flannel trousers. However, instead of fussy braces or side-adjusters, opt for a belt, perhaps even in an exotic leather. To keep your hands warm (or simply to entertain yourself when you’re alone), we’d recommend jeans pockets. These are still flannels, but slightly more casual than usual.

The perfect dance partner for your flannels is a roll neck sweater in a dark green Super-Geelong wool. Super-Geelong is a merino wool with particularly fine fibres that make it almost as soft as cashmere but considerably more robust. The dark green is striking without being overwhelming. What’s more, it will contrast charmingly with the black and white houndstooth on your new single-breasted overcoat. We’ll freely admit that the scale of this pattern is more than a little eccentric. After all, the festive period is the perfect time to not take yourself so seriously and to have some fun. Enjoy! JoLo/DPFC