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26. June 2021

Linen Overshirts


Tobin Gattinger

A peculiar thing, this shirt jacket. Frankly, I like a jacket with pockets and some padding – a structured canvas to give my lanky self some support and pockets to store my belongings. Since Berlin is slowly turning into the Sahara and my jackets are starting to float on my shirts, I’m already on the lookout for pyramids. Oh Ra, I have had enough! No doubt, a linen suit does the job. But let’s be honest – in the hot midday sun? It’s doable, but far from ideal! Especially, if you don’t have to wear a suit!

Enter, the linen overshirt. The safari jacket’s little brother. A distant relative to the dress shirt. Its loose, uncanvassed cut is a welcome contrast to the more strict, militaristic safari jacket. Its multiple pockets more practical than a normal shirt – wallet, spectacles and phone are stored effortlessly.

Pair it with a linen shirt – add a tie if you like! Keep things more casual with a polo. How about a striped t-shirt? Combine these with a light linen trouser or even Denim or shorts. Et voilà! A perfect travel companion, the overshirt needs hardly any space and can be washed just like a regular shirt. It will even keep you cool in the midday sun of the south. The only things left to pack are shirts, trousers and a lightweight suit for evenings at the restaurant – Life’s hard, isn’t it? JB/TG/YS/MM