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House style


House style


Our house style is quintessentially British and we are very proud to have developed a unique and recognisable look. Over the course of the past years, we have also created personalised cuts for customers and team members – a service we offer to all our customers with specific wishes. Explore the options and get inspired.


Mr Mogg’s all-time favourite: the double-breasted 6×2. This model is like a synonym for Max Mogg – Berlin. It features a high collar, distinctive, belly-shaped lapels and wide trouser legs. This cut will make you look particularly athletic. It is especially suitable for formal wear, lounge suits and blazers. Formal. Radiant. Classic. Our favourite shirt collar for this model: the Zee Jerman.


Our Translaturtle’s favourite model is single-breasted and features a low, single-button closure as well as a notch lapel. Its impressive look is due to the English collar position, the straight lapels and the rather slim trousers. A continental and casual cut – ideal for lounge suits and sports jackets. Relaxed. Cool. Sophisticated. Our favourite shirt collar for this model: the Portofino.


Our store manager’s favourite cut is single-breasted and comes with a high, one-button closure and notch lapel. This model differs from Daniel insofar as it features a higher button stance and slanted pockets – ticket pocket included. The collar has a moderately high gorge, the lapels are straight and the trousers have a balanced width. A hyper-English and formal cut – suitable for lounge suits and sports jackets. Proper. Subtle. Convincing. Our favourite shirt collar for this model: the Prince of Wales.


Our editor-in-chief favours a double-breasted 6×2 suit with a high button stance. This model features a slim, military silhouette, relatively narrow, curved lapels and tapered trousers. An extremely strict and slim cut – ideal for lounge suits. Rigorous. Conservative. Dynamic. Our favourite shirt collar for this model: the Lord.


The favourite model of our man across the pond is the three-roll-two SB with notch lapels. The silhouette is less focused on emphasising the body and features fairly wide, curved lapels and very wide trousers. A very American cut in the eyes of a European – ideally suited for sports jackets and combinations. Intellectual. Casual. Cheeky. Our favourite shirt collar for this model: the button-down collar.


Our wise wardrobe specialist prefers a single-breasted suit with a traditional three-button closure and notch lapels. This model stands out with its sharp cut, rather narrow lapels and slightly tapered trousers. The basis of what makes a British lounge suit – works as a lounge suit and sports jacket; especially with slanted pockets. Friendly. Lightweight. Cosmopolitan. Our favourite shirt collar for this model: the Spread.


Our all-knowing product technician wears a three-piece suit with peak lapels. This model is truly cut to waist and features wide belly lapels and tapered trousers. The most formal variation of a suit – hence, it works especially well for formal wear and lounge suits. Royal. Solemn. Brilliant. Our favourite shirt collar for this model: the Piccadilly.


Our Lord of Numbers favours a low-closing, 6×1 double-breasted suit. This model is cut below the waist and features wide curved lapels as well as wide trousers. A casual variation of the English double-breasted suit – works well for formal wear, lounge suits & blazers. Sovereign. Chic. Effortless. Our favourite shirt collar for this model: the high semi-spread.


Mr Incognito aka Josef Law favours a single-breasted suit with three buttons. This model features a high gorge, low button position, moderately wide lapels and fairly wide trousers. The result is an incredibly elongating cut which works well for lounge suits, jackets and blazers. Debonair. Noiseless. Serene. Our favourite shirt collar for this model: the Lord.