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Our knitwear is everything you are looking for and more. 
It works perfectly with our high-wasted trousers and is slim enough to be worn under your suit jackets.


The silhouette of our pullovers, cardigans & vests is slim and short. The goal is to create a visual balance between the knitwear and our high-waisted trousers. The relatively short knitwear adds to the overall emphasis on elongated legs, broad shoulders and a slim waist. 


The result of a relatively short cut is an astonishing profile. Our knitwear accentuates your bottom and your legs which makes the torso appear shorter and more athletic. All this without hitting the gym!


Cotton, merino wool, cashmere, super geelong, silk blends, 2-ply, 4-ply, 8-ply – you name it. We cater to every wish! We offer an extensive range of fabrics and colours and we will always find a shade that suits your complexion. 


In addition to all our fabrics and colours, we also offer various patterns. From flat knit to cable knit, you will be impressed!


Vom 01. Februar 2023 bis zum 31. April 2023 bieten wir Ihnen bei der Bestellung eines zweiteiligen Maßanzugs ein Maßhemd der Linie MAX MOGG – BERLIN aus den Kategorien I-III frei Haus 

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