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Besides our classic suit trousers and chinos, we also offer Japanese selvedge denim jeans. Their cut fits in with our preferred look – high waist and wide legs.


Like most of our trousers, the jeans are high-waisted and sit just below the belly button. This way, we achieve a very comfortable cut and your legs will look ridiculously long.

Leg width

Our jeans tend to have relatively wide legs. This does not only allow for superior comfort, it will also make your feet appear smaller.
If you prefer a slimmer cut, we are happy to make adjustments to serve our customers’ wishes – as with all our MTM products.


Nobody wants their derriere to look like a sack of potatoes. Hence, our jeans fit close to the body until the furthest point of the buttocks. From there, they fall in a straight line to the shoe.


Compared to our classic suit trousers and chinos, our jeans are slightly shorter. Just enough to reveal a hint of your socks – no more. We do not want to spoil the fun of undressing.   


Vom 01. Februar 2023 bis zum 31. April 2023 bieten wir Ihnen bei der Bestellung eines zweiteiligen Maßanzugs ein Maßhemd der Linie MAX MOGG – BERLIN aus den Kategorien I-III frei Haus 

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