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28. April 2020

Gunpowder Cologne – An olfactory adventure


Marie Le Febvre

The pleasure of dreaming, spring, Lake Como, savouring, quite simply, a fresh breeze from an early evening with friends and in my case taking up the thread of an adventure that had been initiated but put on hold …

After months of confinement imposed for the best of our human species, how can we imagine this moment of freedom and reunion? An instant long-yearned-for and probably too much fantasized about?

Everything must be perfect … this return to life is a celebration for all of us, a unique moment that will forever be etched in our memories …

This long wait has created a rather disconcerting desirability … I feel like a little girl going to her first romantic date … my heart is beating …

He didn’t see me, I observe him… he is sipping his Franciacorta looking out to the sunset…. very attractive with this charming smile… elegant as usual but something has changed… or is it possibly me?

He is superb with this James Bond look … cream-coloured jacket, bow-tie, black pants and shining shoes… he has fun with his particular and offbeat outfits but always of an extreme refinement. His presence is ubiquitous.

… With his look straight out of Fellini’s “Dolce Vita” I could well imagine him wearing the legendary and iconic Colonia from “Aqua di Parma”. This timelessly chic fragrance with citrus notes from Calabria merging with aromatic, warm and woody notes… transports me to a distant past….

I am getting closer, all my senses are awakened … however, it is a different scent, that I perceive and that captivates me… just as elegant and refined as the previous one, it is however totally contemporary.

A fragrant composition with discreet luxury where simplicity rhymes with beautiful ingredients … This scent of aesthetics surprises and captivates me. The departure with the retro allure of ‘Cologne’ by the presence of bergamot, lemon, and lavender which I identify with happiness … it evolves towards a mysterious and captivating note coming from Asia … a slightly metallic green tea typical for ‘Gunpowder Green Tea ‘, a beautiful combination… it finally melts in warm and woody notes of cedar and white musks.Wonderful, comprising the fragrance, this first meeting is daring. GUNPOWDER COLOGNE from Urban Scents…. daring the strangers of the general public … would my gentleman be more adventurous? MF/MM


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