The Suits of the Month: May

Having enjoyed the sun in recent days, we cannot be the only one whose thoughts have been on August, a month many associate with summer holidays. Conveniently then, here are our recommendations for the month of August, as we aim to prove that there are stylish alternatives to the traditional shorts, sandals, and socks.

Combination of yellow sports coat in a Caccioppoli wool-silk-linen blend and caramel-coloured trousers in a Hardy Minnis Fresco

49% wool – 30% silk – 21% linen – 240g/m from Caccioppoli

Yellow is one of our favourite colours here at Maximilian Mogg. So far that has limited itself to trousers and shirts, although that will not the case for long. But we digress. As Ray Charles (unfortunately, we don’t know his favourite colour. In fairness, he didn’t either) would say, let’s mess around and kick things off with a bright yellow sports coat made from a wool-silk-linen from Caccioppoli, whom are the undisputed masters of summer jacketings. We see a single-breasted, one-button jacket with wide peak lapels, two rounded patch pockets, a welted breast pocket, and only one sleeve button. On the topic of buttons, we’d recommend yellow corozo, although mother-of-pearl is not unthinkable. The trousers we would pair with this jacket would be cut from a caramel-coloured Fresco from Hardy Minnis, would be wide through the leg, and feature a high rise, side adjusters, two reverse pleats, slanted pockets, one back pocket with a flap, and high turn-ups. The perfect shirt to complement this ensemble would be a loose-fitting light-blue linen shirt worn sans tie. With regards to footwear, we’d recommend light-brown, unlined suede loafers (socks are optional) although white or white-blue striped espadrilles are conceivable.

The jacket described above will cost €1480. The trousers described above will cost €590.  The shirt described above will cost €249.

Suit in a Fox Brothers plaid

100% Merino wool – 210g/m from Fox Brothers

Someone may have watched Martin Scorsese’s 1995 masterpiece Casino recently. We can neither confirm nor deny. In any case, Robert De Niro wears a suit that is quite similar to the one we are proposing here. For those asking, while Fox Brothers are, of course, more well-known for their heavier fabrics (and flannels in particular), they have been doing summer collections for quite some time now and we love their summer fabrics. In terms of styling, opt for a one-button jacket with peak lapels, two straight flap pockets, no vents, and three sleeve buttons. The high-rise, wide-legged trousers should have side adjusters (thus, of course, no belt loops), slanted pockets, one back pocket with a flap, and turn-ups. Our shirt of choice would be cut from an off-white cotton fabric in a Zephyr weave, feature our signature Zee Jerman collar and would go well with a striped shantung tie. Check out our friend Gentlemen Clover’s new collection for ideas. On holiday, a bit of luxury will never go amiss. As such, we’re going to recommend a pair of Mr Leonard Kahlcke’s full strap penny loafers in an alligator leather.

The suit described above will cost €1920. The shirt described above will cost €219. The shoes described above will cost €2740.

Suit in a lightweight brown wool-silk-linen blend herringbone from Harrisons of Edinburgh

75% wool, 15% silk & 10% linen – 240g/m from Harrisons of Edinburgh

Did you actually think you were going to get through a whole Suits of the Month without at least one double-breasted suit? It would be cut from a lightweight brown herringbone from Harrisons of Edinburgh and feature a 4X2 button constellation, light horn buttons, no lapel buttonholes (thank you, Mr Winslow, for the inspiration), two straight flap pockets (or patch pockets, for practicality), and two sleeve buttons. The trousers (high rise, wide leg) would feature jetted pockets, two forward pleats, and high turn-ups, and we’d likely forgo a back pocket. Our shirt of choice would be a mid-blue chambray with a one-piece collar. While a tie remains optional, you can gain serious 70s street cred by wearing your collar over the lapels of your jacket. The perfect shoes for this suit and your holidays are a pair of unlined apron loafers (whether they feature a bow, tassels, or something else entirely is up to you), possibly again in an exotic leather. We’d suggest Baudoin and Lange or Rubinacci.

The suit described above will cost €2100. The shirt described above will cost €249. MM/DC

Maximilian Mogg

Kreativdirektor & Chefredakteur

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