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22. May 2020

DEBATES AT MOGG TOWERS – Front Trouser Pockets – What’s all the Fuss?


Bob The wardrobe builder

I know this will sound shocking, but I don’t have a strong opinion on pockets for tailored trousers (be they for lounge or dinner suits). Others at Mogg Towers do have strong opinions, however, so we’ll go through those in the following.

Every bespoke and made-to-measure suit I’ve had made has had slanted front pockets. I find them quite practical – for better or for worse, I often put my hands in my pockets. It’s a comfortable posture for me, and slanted pockets are perfect for this. Other than my hands occasionally residing there, the only thing I keep in my right front pocket is cash. The slanted pocket is deep enough to keep my cash in place so, for me, this style is practical. Another of my friends at Mogg Towers agrees with me, and says that they’re only marginally less clean than seam pockets, but infinitely more functional. Amen to that!  

Still, passions for trouser pockets run high amongst the other geeks in our clan. I’ll outline those views here:

  • On lounge suits, one of our brethren prefers jetted pockets, or with pleated trousers, seam pockets, which make the front look cleaner.
  • Another of the Moggsters says that a gentleman should never use his front pockets.  In his words – “Just don’t do it!” That would put paid to my habit of keeping some cash (and occasionally my hands) in my pockets.
  • The solution to that was to have jetted pockets and just keep them sewn up.
  • There are a couple of us in the group who hate jetted pockets, with one of calling them “an abomination.” This strong-opinioned chap goes on to say that “they don’t look right. They look like something has gone wrong with the front of your trousers.”
  • Another option, which I find eccentric but interesting nonetheless, is the idea of having only one pocket, on the right side. One of the residents at Mogg Towers doesn’t like two pockets and thinks that no pockets looks off. For me, it would still give me a place to keep my cash, although my left hand would need to find a place to hide. 

So there, it is. A collection of distinct opinions, some strongly held, on a subject that doesn’t rouse much passion in me. There are many suitable and elegant options to choose from, and really, as with everything, it all comes down to your individual taste. As for me, I think I’ll stick with slanted pockets. They’ve worked all these years, so why fix it if it isn’t broken. 

PS: When it comes to a dinner suit, clearly putting hands in pockets is just not on. Therefore, for me, sewn up jetted pockets make perfect sense on the trousers you wear with black tie. BTWB/MM/YS