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Costume Design


As a film enthusiast and Batman fan, Maximilian Mogg’s biggest dream is to dress the Joker one day. So long, we are very proud of our work for film, television, and theatre productions. In cooperation with various directors, screenwriters, and costume designers, we have dressed Mr David Schütter for the second and third seasons of “4 Blocks” as well as Mr Edin Hasanovic for the feature film “Rate your Date”. You are interested in working with us on your next project? Feel free to get in touch by phone or email.

PHONE: +49 30 887 780 94


Vom 01. Februar 2023 bis zum 31. April 2023 bieten wir Ihnen bei der Bestellung eines zweiteiligen Maßanzugs ein Maßhemd der Linie MAX MOGG – BERLIN aus den Kategorien I-III frei Haus 

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