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10. May 2020

The Shirt of the Week – Episode 1 – Bob’s choice


Bob The wardrobe builder

Today, we are launching a new series: The Shirt of the Week. Along with a new feature entitled The Suit of the Week (which will start off on Saturday), the aim is to provide you with a suggestion for a coordinated outfit. So please let me introduce you to our first recommendation: a lilac shirt from Thomas Mason.

There are dozens of lilac shirts from Mason’s to choose from. The one we have gone for features a Prince of Wales check and is cut from Zephir. The pattern is subtle and looks absolutely smashing when paired with a solid charcoal grey (remember: Saturday)!

This shirt also gives you a wide range of tie options. Dark purple, navy blue, and green would all look amazing. You could even choose a charcoal-based tie. Both a boldly patterned or a spotted tie (which is a personal favourite) would look very elegant. I’m not a fan of mixing patterns – a striped tie with a checked shirt is not exactly my cup of tea. Nevertheless, you pattern mixers out there can definitely have a go at it!

I recently wore a lilac coloured shirt with a navy blue suit. No doubt, it looked quite good! However, in my humble opinion, the classic combination is lilac and charcoal grey. You’ll love this look! 

Ordering our Shirt of the Week couldn’t be easier! Just click the button below and make sure to mention the fabric reference (Zephir 1818, FM61344 – 000081) in your mail. We will get back to you as soon as possible!