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16. May 2021

Back in Business



Berlin, 30 April 2021. It feels like I arrived only yesterday in Berlin. I took the long-distance bus and only brought a small suitcase. I still remember the search for the right underground to take me to my buddy’s flat. Today, his couch is the command centre of an endless hunt for a new flat. In the meantime, I have been issued a piece of paper attesting to a greater or lesser knowledge in a more or less important subject area. I do not really trust this endeavour yet: the premonition that the so-called “serious side of life” is getting closer and closer is creeping over me. Consequently, in the last few weeks I have been looking for a last straw to hold on to in order to escape the obligation of making decisions: Where do I want to live? Which job suits me best? Will I be able to leave my flat ever again?

In the end, the search for such a straw was even less successful than the one that ended in an eleven-square-metre room, with a small window, in the outskirts. Thus, I slowly got used to the idea of spending my future in the office. And since a visit to my tailor, there is a silver lining – light at the end of the tunnel, so to speak. The prospect of having to wear a suit for the next forty years no longer seems so outlandish. On the contrary: looking at all the fabric books almost brings tears of joy to my eyes.

However, the realisation that I will have to visit my tailor more often gives rise to new problems of decision-making: Which cloth is suitable for me? Which colours do I want to combine? Where should I start?

The first suit of my new phase of life should certainly be flexible – not to mention that it must be office-ready. At the same time, it should also be something you have not seen a hundred times before. My tailor pulls a fabric book from the shelf and presents a cloth that meets all my criteria: It is from Holland & Sherry’s Intercity line. Grey is certainly the most classic colour for an office suit. It works well with conservative colours such as light blue or dark red; yet, it is also a perfect base for gaudier colours such as purple, green or orange.

The subtle stripes of the cloth add some dynamic to the worsted cloth without being too eye-catching – it radiates a reasonably-conservative-but-not-boring vibe. The shirt, that our tailor kindly gifted us for our first order, complements the suit perfectly. The fine, plain pinpoint cloth in soft pink breathes some extra life into the grey. Unlike a white shirt, it creates less contrast, making for a more harmonious overall look. To keep the shirt as versatile as the suit, we chose a three-button cuff. Pinpoint is also a very soft fabric, so it can be worn not only with a business suit, but also with chinos, jeans or a tweed jacket.

When it comes to the configuration of the suit, the sky is the limit. A double-breasted model would benefit from the stripes of the fabric as they would further accentuate the lapels. My tailor, who is perhaps just a wee bit self-absorbed, recommends the Maximilian model. It is suitable for the challenges ahead in the office as well as for festive occasions, so that I am also ready for the next wedding. The model’s high button closure creates a military silhouette with a long skirt and an accentuated chest. The result is a very athletic and clean look. The tie that matches both versions comes from Edward Sexton and is a brilliant dark blue with grey and red dots.

When I put on the suit for the first time, I can hardly believe it: Sometimes, making tough decisions is a great pleasure! YS/JoLo/MM

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