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11. December 2021

A Christmas Dream


Yves Yannick Stork

Christmas in the second year of the pandemic – or is it the third? Wait a second. Which year is it actually? Code Red: I need to get out of here. But where can I enjoy the peace and cosiness of Christmas without all the pandemic nuisance? Where to go when even the private island is declared a variant area? To the Finnish refuge north of the polar circle? Christmas with the Grizzly Wolds? Or perhaps the underwater base near Corsica? Ah no, a certain 007 destroyed it.

So I find myself about 100 metres above Chalet Bäuerle in the depths of the Valais – jumping off the helicopter taxi with the company of my choice. We wave the friendly pilot goodbye and fire up the chalet’s fireplace. We are just above the tree line – far and wide no road, no virus, no nothing.

The next morning we get on our skis, sweep down the slopes and find a small tree for the proper Christmas atmosphere. But besides the fireplace, what else keeps me warm on my wintry getaway? A navy blue ski suit and – all the more important – a cream-white turtleneck jumper with a cable-knit pattern made of soft merino wool. The off-white, which brightens up everyday life on dark winter days, looks terrifically elegant – even without a jacket over it.

While the pine cones of our little tree pop from the crackling warmth of the fireplace and give off a lovely scent, I hang up the ski suit and make myself comfortable in a wing chair. A cup of hot chocolate, a good glass of wine or both. Enjoying the peace and quiet, I wear light grey flannel trousers which are wonderfully soft and sit comfortably over my non-existent belly. They are ideal for lounging around during the holidays. Together with the subtle shine of my leather belt, I will always make a well-dressed impression.

For the actual feast, I wear a jacket – even in one of the most remote places in the world. There’s no reason to look overly casual for such a beautiful celebration. Besides, I don’t ever want to take off my new jacket made of ice-blue tweed anyway. Together with the white rollneck, I blend in wonderfully in the alpine retreat. Even if the jacket doesn’t feature the typical colour variety of tweed, the large check enlivens the three-button jacket and doesn’t make it look like a blazer at all. It is a tweed jacket better suited for bargain hunting than actual hunting.

For a bit of fun in the metre-deep snow right in front of the cabin, I put on my caramel-coloured merino wool coat. The luxurious colour also matches my office attire, but combined with the off-white of the jumper and the blue jacket, it makes for a particularly harmonious winter ensemble.

What a wonderful Christmas, I think to myself, as I jump up from my dream shortly after midnight – awakened by an excited TV debate on when the next Covid measurements will be imposed. Let the festive season come! JoLo/YS/KP

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