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28. February 2021

A Burden Shared is a Burden Halved


Maximilian Mogg

Today, we would like to share something a little bit different from our more traditional fare. We are doing this because we believe that there are certain topics that need to be addressed head-on.

Mental health need not be a taboo. Even though it affects us all (directly or indirectly), it is still heavily stigmatised in day-to-day life.

As such, it is our intention to share a personal experience with you. The message is simple. Sometimes, everyone needs a little bit of help. Please, if you are in need, reach out. Reach out to friends, family, or trained professionals. They can help you.

‘Everyone has the blues every now and then but they will pass eventually.’ This is something I’ve said to myself countless times over the years. Moreover, I didn’t even truly want to admit to myself that I was feeling overwhelmed. It didn’t quite fit the image I have of myself. I always want to be in control of everything in my little world, my emotions included.
However, as my down days became down weeks and some days were closer to a deep navy than the lighter shades of blue, I began to be afraid. I felt like I was up against a force of nature. I felt like a man alone in field with a lightning storm rolling in. I didn’t know where to run or what to do. I understand now that, in many ways, I had spent years of my life razing that field, getting rid of any and all places that would keep me safe. The emotions I’d never talked about went from whispers in my head to screams in the night. In short, I was afraid. One day, in desperation, I did what I had never done before.
I told a close friend how I was feeling. I was surprised how easy it was and perhaps even a little bit surprised that they wanted to listen, wanted to help. Thankfully, they recommended that I seek professional help. Obviously, my first instinct was to put up my shield and boldly state that I, Sir Maximilian of Mogg, on my white horse and in my white jeans, didn’t need a shrink. But, listening to their experiences, I decided it might be worth a shot. In the coming weeks and months, I was shocked to find how many people had been to mental health professionals and just how positive their experiences had been. I think of that razed field from time to time. With the help I have received, it feels like I am planting the seeds that will grow the trees that will provide shelter when the storms rage. And don’t be mistaken, the storms will rage and they will be violent. But, I need not be so afraid. No one need be without a little shelter from time to time.

One of our closest friends tragically passed away recently. We will be wrestling with the feelings of confusion, sadness, and exhaustion for years to come, likely they will never go away. But none of us are alone in that fight. None of us need be alone in that fight. Together, we are strong, even when we are struggling.

You will be missed.